February 21, 2018

A Date With Money…


As a Reverend and Spiritual Counselor, I often get people coming to me to share their problems and talk about their struggles.  One of the most common problems people have is around money.  Those who are consciously on the spiritual path are often confused because they understand the law of attraction.  They understand how universal laws work.  They just don’t know what they are doing wrong, and how to get things to flow better.

The first thing I get them to do is to deal with their mail, and any financial issues that are outstanding.  Taxes that aren’t done, unpaid debts, and unopened mail can all stop the flow of money in your life.  One person I was speaking with described the situation perfectly.  “When I think of doing my taxes, I get this knot in my stomach.  I’m not sure where all my papers are, and I don’t have the money to get the taxes done even if I got everything together. “

How can you attract money when you ignore the ways in which it works?   If you dislike dealing with the flow of money (in and out), how can you attract more money?  If your relationship with money is dysfunctional, you are not a money magnet.  You have to feel good about money to attract more of it.


I suggest that they set a “money date”.  You want money?  Make a date with it—regularly.  Mark it on your calendar.  Make an occasion of it.  Set the mood. Play music.  Meditate first.  Set your intention for peace of mind and prosperity.  Breathe it in.

The first time you have a money date, you might want an afternoon date.  Clear your calendar.  Tell people not to bother you—you have a date that afternoon.  Don’t answer the phone.  Turn off your text messaging.  Turn on some nice music.  Make yourself a comforting mug of tea, coffee, or hot chocolate.  Clear your dining room table.  Decorate it nicely with candles or flowers.  Set all your papers and mail out in front of you.  You have a date with money!

Start going through all your mail, deal with it and file things neatly away.  List your debts on a piece of paper.  Type of debt (Visa, Mastercard, etc.), rate of interest, amount owing, minimum payment.  Gather all your tax information and sort it out by year.  Make little piles, or put them in envelopes labeled for each year.

For those who have their own business, I always recommend using one envelope for each month to put all receipts, bank statements and so forth to keep them in one place.  Keep the envelope with you (purse, truck, briefcase, etc.), or somewhere where you will use it.  Place receipts in the envelope as you get them.  Once a month, add your business bank statement and any other documents you receive to the envelope.  On the outside of the envelope, list your income, and list your expenses.  File it for income tax time.  This keeps you clear about your income and expenses, and saves you time and money later since half the work is done for your accountant!


List your debts on a piece of paper.  Type of debt (Visa, Mastercard, etc.), rate of interest, amount owing, minimum payment.  If you are behind, phone the people you owe.  Talk to them.  Make some payment, even if you can’t make the minimum payment.  Don’t worry.  Once you clear up the backlog, you will have cleared the energy to allow more money flow into your life.

Pay off the smallest debt first.  Once it is paid, take that payment and apply it to your debt with the largest interest.  Pay that off.  Then take those monthly payments, and apply it to your next debt.  By doing this, you will pay off your debt quickly and avoid paying high interest rates for many years.


At this point,  you might no longer want to deal with the rest of your pile of stuff.  Relax.  You are developing a relationship with money.  Right now, your relationship is dysfunctional, and needs some work.  :)   Make another comforting beverage, breathe deeply and meditate a bit.  Clear any anxiety you feel by breathing deeply, and focusing on the fact that you have set in motion greater prosperity.


The dreaded taxes.  When I worked for H&R Block, there was one thing I learned that you should know.  The Canada Revenue Agency will always get their money, and messing with them can get your bank accounts frozen.  So, the secret here is that if you owe them money, make monthly payments.  Pay whatever you can every month, and keep in communication with them, and they will not pressure you.  They want to know you are dealing with what you owe them, and they will accept whatever you send them.

File your taxes every year promptly.  It is easy if you keep everything in one envelope, or if you have a business, in monthly envelopes.  It keeps the energy flowing.


You are developing a love affair with money.  If you dislike dealing with the flow of money (in and out), how can you attract more money?  You have to feel good about money to attract more of it.  You need to spend time on your finances on a regular basis and learn to love it to attract more money into your life.  Make your biweekly or monthly ‘date with money’ an event.  Mark it on your calendar.  Set the mood—music, lighting, etc.  Meditate and breathe in prosperity.

The Abraham-Hicks material teaches how to manifest, and the core teaching is that you have to feel good to attract good into your life.  If you learn to feel good about paying your bills, keeping your affairs in order, and so forth, you will automatically start attracting more money into your life.  Watch for the opportunities—they will be coming your way within a month that you have your first money date.


Abraham-Hicks:  Aligning with Your Veritable Fortune (video time 8:53)

Abraham-Hicks:  Are You Beating A Money Drum? (video time 6:39)

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Angela Fiebelkorn is a non-denominational minister, and a New Consciousness Teacher affiliated with the Crimson Circle. She has been teaching classes on spirituality and metaphysics since 1996.


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