February 21, 2018

A Second Date With Money

Your first date with money was probably quite exhausting, and yet rather exhilarating.  You should know clearly where you are now, and have a strategy of where you are going.

Your second date with money will build on the first one.  Make your experience pleasant—nice music, a comforting beverage, an organized workspace, and peace and quiet in which to work.  Start with a meditation and some deep breathing to quiet yourself.  Focus on breathing in the flow and prosperity of money.  Pay attention to ideas for making money as you meditate, and write them down.  Listen to your inner guidance about any issues that you should deal with, and then follow that guidance.

The law of reflection is showing you how much you value yourself by the state of money in your life.  Do not ‘beat yourself up’ about it.  Most people with no money have all kinds of other wonderful things in their life that they have no problem manifesting—it is just money that is the issue.  Look at all the great things you have in your life.  A place to live, your ‘toys’—car, boat, etc.  and so much more.  You have friends, and people you can count on in your life.  You are blessed.  Focus on how blessed you feel.  Whatever you are feeling is what you will manifest.  If you are feeling prosperous, you will attract greater prosperity into your life.

The Law of Reflection

Are you one of those people who are generous to a fault?  Giving things away?  What message are you sending the universe?  That you don’t value and want things?

Do you keep giving your time away?  Do you have skills and talents, but never accept money for them?  What is that telling the universe?  That you don’t value yourself and your talents?

When you have money, do you spend it on everyone around you?  Do you shop for things you don’t need?  Is shopping your therapy?  Do you “pay yourself first” by putting 10% of your income away into savings or investments?  What message are you giving the universe by your spending habits?  Remember, the law of reflection is just reflecting your beliefs about money back at you.

Your ongoing dates with money should include keeping up with your mail and bills, and knowing where you stand each month—income and expenses.  You should know where your money goes every month.

Your ongoing dates with money should also include a meditation on prosperity.  Your meditation should focus on FEELING prosperous.  Imagine and feel what it is like to have enough money every month for the things you want.  Imagine and feel what it is like to put money aside for your future.  Imagine and feel what it is like to look at your bank account and see a healthy balance just sitting there for a rainy day.

Start learning about money.  People often tell me they want to win the lottery, or dream about having a large sum of money.  That rarely happens to people—most people build wealth slowly over time.  You need to start thinking in that direction.  How will you do it?  $50 a month into an RRSP?  $50 a month into an interest-free bank account?  If you make an extra $100 here or there, what are you going to do with it?  Spend it, or save it?  What does your response tell the universe?

I recommend putting 10% of your income into savings every month.  That is your emergency money.  You should have 3 months income in a separate bank account at all times for emergency situations.

Then you should have a regular savings account.  When it builds up to $1,000, put 1/2 of it into a bond, Guaranteed Income Certificate, RRSP or some other investment vehicle.  You need to learn about these things if you want to have money.  Pick up Money Sense magazine.  Read it and learn.  Educate yourself on money, investing, etc.  Learn how to make money work for you, instead of you working for money.

If you have your own business, you should have a separate bank account to put money into it every month to cover your taxes.  Base the monthly amount on how much taxes you paid last year, and divide it by 12.  Put that much in every month.  If  your profit has increased, put a little extra into that account.  It is nice to know you have that taken care of, and if you don’t need it at tax time, you have the money to treat yourself to a nice vacation, or some other luxury.

Like any relationship, your relationship with money will take some effort.  Only  you know how important it is to learn about money.  What will your efforts to learn about money tell the universe?  Putting your time and effort into it is how you create wealth.  You are changing how you think about money, and that will take you out of survival and into prosperity.

Enjoy the process.  You are a grand creator, but you need energy to create.  Take the time to do what is important in your life, and eliminate what is taking your energy away.

About Angela

Angela Fiebelkorn is a non-denominational minister, and a New Consciousness Teacher affiliated with the Crimson Circle. She has been teaching classes on spirituality and metaphysics since 1996.

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