February 21, 2018

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Angela Fiebelkorn is a non-denominational minister, and a New Consciousness Teacher affiliated with the Crimson Circle. She has been teaching classes on spirituality and metaphysics since 1996.

Van Life 5: Home Made Cabinets VS Purchased Cabinets

You have three choices when it comes to furnishing your van:  buy ready-made interior components manufactured by your vehicle company, buy units manufactured for home/office use, or make your own.

RB Components for Sprinter Van kits and accessories
Wayfarer Vans for ProMaster van kits and accessories
see your dealer for options available for your make and model

I was fascinated by some video’s posted on the YouTube Channel:  Into The Mystery 13.

These videos shows how to make strong, lightweight cabinets from 1/2″ EPS (expanded polystyrene) foam insulation, and fiberglass screen.  The foam cannot be compressed- it is used underneath concrete in home building applications, but the foam is flexible, and that is where the fiberglass screen comes in.  The fiberglass screen has tensile strength (doesn’t stretch) and it is glued to the EPS foam to create a stronger board.  You can actually use any material that doesn’t stretch or has tensile strength like canvas, aluminum screen, etc.  When adhering the two materials together, it is now strong enough that it does not bend, nor can it compress.  You adhere it together with  Glidden Professional GRIPPER Primer and Sealer.

The down side is that the composite sandwich that you create is bumpy, and it doesn’t hold screws well.  That means you have to plan where your screws will go, and put in pieces of wood into the foam board.  The video shows the details.

He tried a number of variations of this composite foam sandwich, looking for something lightweight that was easy to make.  Some of these trials included:
*Foam, canvas, wood glue.  (didn’t like how the finished product looked)
*Foam, aluminum screen, glue.  (didn’t like using the aluminum screen because it was easy to cut yourself with it)
*Foam, 1/8″ plywood, glue. (didn’t like that you needed power tools to cut the plywood, and it was a much heavier final product)

The final product he chose was the foam board, covered with fiberglass porch screen.  The advantages were that you can cut it with a knife, and you don’t need any power tools.

First, you create a template for your cabinet using cardboard.  Then, you will trace the template onto your 1/2″ EPS foam board, and cut the foam board with a knife.  Using Gorilla Glue, glue the pieces together and use drywall screws to hold it in place while the glue cures.  Replace the foam with wood in the spots you will be putting hinges, etc. that need more strength.  Just glue the wood pieces in.  (see video)

The inside of the cabinet joints are reinforced with 2″ strips of fiberglass screen, adhered to the foam with Glidden Professional GRIPPER Primer and Sealer.  Once that dries, you coat the interior panels of the cabinet with the Gripper, and cover the panels with the fiberglass screen, and put on more GRIPPER until it is well sealed.  Once it drys, you will apply another layer of GRIPPER over the entire screened surface for maximum adhesion.  Once it is all dry, trim excess screen as shown in the video.

Once the inside of your cabinet is made, you will cover the outside surface with GRIPPER, and cover with fiberglass screen, and again apply a coat of gripper over the screen.  Once it is dry, apply a second coat of GRIPPER to the outside screen.  The final step is to trim the excess  screen, and clean up any rough spots.

Make sure you watch the full video for all the details.



  1.  crumple up brown paper in hand size pieces
  2.  mix Elmers Glue and water (40:60 ratio)
  3. different ratios give different looks, so experiment and see what you like
  4. dip paper into glue mixture
  5. place onto your surface
  6. once dry, seal with polyurethane (add more layers for different gloss looks)
  7. SEE VIDEO FOR DETAILS – how to use stain, maps, and other materials for different looks

Counter top laminate can be used as a final layer instead of the paper bag technique.


So, watching these videos got me thinking about building codes for some reason.  I was on the ENERGY.GOV website, exploring different types of insulation and it says if you are using foam board or rigid foam insulation (like the EPS 1/2″ insulation talked about in this post), that …… “Interior applications: must be covered with 1/2-inch gypsum board or other building-code approved material for fire safety.”

The EAA Aviation website has an interesting article on Building Composite Aircrafts, which uses foam insulation sandwiches (among other things) for airplane construction.

Personally, I like the idea of making my cabinets out of foam board and screen.  I like a nice professional look to things, so I think I will opt for a thin laminate or other wall board of some type as the top layer.  It might make it a bit heavier, but will give a nice finish to my cabinets.

8 lbs for a 8 x 12 foot plastic sheet

8 lbs for a 8 x 12 foot plastic sheet


Van Life 4: Powering Up My Van for Daily Living

Well, the debate has raged in my head for weeks, and I finally thought to myself that the only reason I don’t have a decision is because I am lacking information!  So I read numerous articles about different camper van systems and have come up with what is very obvious to me right now.

If I want to be off grid, or somewhere stationary living from my van, I need solar power.  That is not my intent.

I intend to drive daily since I will be going to specific places.  So I don’t really need solar power.  I also want stealth, and solar panels are a giveaway.

I will set up a system where my van will charge my “house batteries” while I am driving.  To do this, I need to protect my van battery.  So I will install a solenoid (sometimes called a relay) between my van and my house batteries, and an inverter to convert the battery power to something I can use. The system will only energize and charge the house batteries when the ignition is turned on and the engine is running.  When the engine is turned off, the solenoid will disconnect the charge line, isolating the house batteries.

I will then run a power bar from the system to my van living area.  Because only 1 or 2 things are usually plugged in and used at the same time, there should not be excessive drain on the house batteries.  All my appliances and gadgets will be standard house plug style.

Depending upon the air conditioner I choose, I might need a special hook up for that.  For ease, I will look for a standard Air Conditioning unit that can just plug in.  The van is not that big that it needs a big system.

For all the brilliant details, check out this link.

Bring Your Van Camper To Life: How To Add Batteries And A Solenoid To Your Stealth RV by Curtis CarperBuilds, Van Living



Van Life 5: Shower & Toilet


I have explored all the toilet ideas from a bucket with garbage bags in it, to the Incinolet which lights your poop on fire.  I don’t want the weight of a grey water tank and fresh water tank, and I’m not sure what the Incinolet uses to create fire, but whenever there is fire there usually is propane, deisel or something.  I’m trying to go all electrical in my van.

So, it may cost a bit, but I like the Dry Flush Toilet.  It is a more sophisticated translation of the bucket and garbage bags, and comes with a 12 Volt battery and a battery charger.  It weighs 26 lbs.  Cost is $480.00.  I want to poop in peace!

Videos on how the Dry Flush works.



There are so many ways to create a shower.  Since I will be in cities and parks in Canada and the USA, or in Central America where there are few parks, I want a shower system that I can do completely indoors.  Whenever possible, I will probably use campground showers, but I want to have that ability in-house.  Central America is hot and I will need to shower often when not swimming regularly.

I will also use Olay Moisturing Wipes, and adult wet wipes (the kind used in nursing homes) for sponge baths.  Or I can go old school and use a bucket with soapy water and a sponge for a “sponge bath”.  🙂

I have decided to aim for 5 gallons of water with which to shower.  Most solar shower units are 5 gallons.  A typical home shower uses 17 gallons on average, so my shower system will be to wet myself, turn off the water, soap up, and then turn water on and rinse.  I have decided that I want the following system:

  • I will have a 42 cup coffee urn (2.5 gallon) placed above my kitchen sink to make boiling water ($40)
  • I will have a 5 gallon dedicated shower container (5 gallon jug) to transport water to the van and use it for my “clean water tank”. ($20)
    • Then I will fill the coffee urn from it
    • When the water is boiled I will refill the 5 gallon container with boiling water
    • the room temperature 2.5 gallons of water will still be in the container to cool the boiling water
    • adjust to preferred temperature
  • I will use a Stansport Battery Powered Portable Shower unit to bring pressurized water from the jug to my shower stall ($90)
  • My shower stall will be a plastic tub–the Sterilite 151 Liter Black Wheeled Industrial Tote.  ($30)
  • When in an appropriate place, I will wheel my tote outside to dump it, and any leftover water in the 5 gallon clean water jug will be used to clean the tote.
  • My shower walls will be a shower curtain surrounding and tucked into the plastic storage tub.
  • I will probably make a shower curtain rod/stand from PVC pipe to sit inside the the plastic storage tub and go up to my desired height.  Or a hoola hoop attached to the ceiling above the shower space.

I have not yet decided how I will make a “room” for the shower/toilet.  I’ve narrowed it down to three choices:

  • build a shower room from the “foam insulation sandwich” with a curtain for a door.  It would have a place for the shower tote when not in use.  A place to store the 5 gallon shower container.  And when not showering, the room will house the toilet.
  • The IMA Folding Shower Screen from Rapsel can be folded away for when I am travelling myself, or erected in the “bathroom area” when I have company.
  • Make my own fold away cloth enclosure

Because I will be travelling alone, I don’t really care about how contained to the “room” I am when I am using the bathroom, getting dressed, etc. Those times that I am travelling with someone, well, one person can just go outside (or sit in a Starbucks) or sit in the front part of the van (I am keeping the bulkhead between the front and back of the van) while the other person gets cleaned up.  The toilet is mostly for night time anyway, as during the day we will use public toilets.  Unless we are hiking or doing sweaty things, a sponge bath will suffice.

Van Life 3: What Do I Want That Needs Power?!

42 cup Hamilton Beach Coffee Urn

Time to figure out what kind of system I want for power.  But to do that, I need to decide what I want to have in the van that uses power.

42 cup Hamilton Beach Coffee Urn

42 cup (2.5 gallon) Hamilton Beach Coffee Urn – to make boiling water for kitchen, sponge bath, and/or shower






A.K.A. the 11″ electric skillet – used to fry, boil soup, cook

$34.98 RoadPro 12-Volt Slow Cooker – 1.5 Quart

RoadPro 12-Volt Slow Cooker – 1.5 Quart: to make soup, roasts, casseroles, etc.  


great for frozen meals on the go, reheating leftovers


Avanti’s 1.1 cu. ft. Multi-Function Oven with Two (2) Cooktop Burners.  It features two (2) cooktop burners, convection baking, conventional baking, conventional broiling, toasting mode, a 60-minute cooking timer, full temperature control, a wire oven rack, a baking/broiling tray, tray-remover tongs and a crumb tray.


$21.99 Wagan EL2227-1 12 Volt Heated Travel Mug - Set of 2

Wagan EL2227-1 12 Volt Heated Travel Mug – Set of 2


12 Volt Coffee Maker


Humble Brothers $19.50 12-Volt Car Vacuum (White/Aqua) - KOBLENZ - HV-12 KGS

Humble Brothers
12-Volt Car Vacuum (White/Aqua) – KOBLENZ – HV-12 KGS

RoadPro(R) 20 oz. Portable Beverage Heater - 12Volt



AIR CONDITIONER:  Need an AC unit since I plan to be in Central America a lot and its 30+C (86F) every day unless I’m in the mountains. DEHUMIDIFIER:  keep the moisture down
HEATER:  For those cold nights in the desert or in the mountains. CEILING VENT WITH FAN:  To circulate air. FANS:  1 for each bed area
LONG RANGE WIFI REPEATER:  Need my WiFi TABLET:  to charge it LAPTOP:  to charge it
CELL PHONE:  to charge it


DRY FLUSH TOILET: Dry Flush | The Waterless Toilet $420 rechargeable DC 12v battery pack (AC avail.) full size toilet only one moving part no water, no chemicals, no freezing, no spill, no smell


ICE MAKER:  Igloo Portable Countertop Ice Maker – essential in Central America


ELECTRIC KETTLE:   to make tea


Van Life 2: Insulation & Finishes

HDX 10 ft. Wide Natural Walnut Vinyl Universal Flooring Your Choice Length

Insulating a van is necessary.  If you are in a hot climate it will keep you cooler.  If you are in a cold climate, it will keep you warmer.

Reefer vans that transport food use 3 inch ‘high thermal insulation’ and completely seal the cargo space.  I think that is a good standard to use to consider what it is I want for insulation.

CAUTION:  If you are living in the space, you don’t actually want it completely sealed.  Like a house, the van needs to breathe.  So venting for air circulation must be planned out. Humidity builds up in a small space (cooking, people), so you need one of those RV dehumidifers or you end up with that damp musty smell so many campers have, or you need to open up everything daily to do an air exchange.

My first look through YouTube and Google taught me the following:

  •  Using spray foam insulation on the entire interior of the van is risky.  There is the potential for distortion of the sheet metal panels if the foam is put on as a thick layer.  It allows for no movement and the van panels can warp which would then be visible from the outside of the van.
  • There are lots of nooks and crannies in the van, and they all need to be filled with insulation.  It easy to do, just time consuming. It is OK to use the spray foam insulation in a can to fill in small hard-to-reach places.  Spray in thin layers and allow it to expand before applying more.
  • It helps to know the exact layout of your van so wiring/plumbing can be completed before you close in the insulation.  Think about how a house construction has electrial boxes, and plumbing all run in the walls before the walls are closed in.
  • The mechanical design includes lighting, stereo, kitchen and bathroom power, kitchen and bathroom plumbing, TV wiring, wifi booster wiring, etc.   Solar wiring, deep cycle battery wiring, generator wiring, and/or propane-diesel venting.  This all depends on what products you will be installing and what kind of system you want.
  • It is important to decide what appliances, and power systems you want before you start to build.  So research first, then plan the layout based on your choices, then build.
  • Knowing your van layout early, allows for you to affix wood supports to your van frame so you can properly attach cabinets, etc.
  • Build with as little wood as possible because it is heavy and will affect your gas mileage.  The alternative for wood cabinets is to use a foam insulation “sandwich”.  Very light weight and strong.


Interior Wall Panels of Van

Interior Wall Panels of Van*

Van floor being insulated

Van floor being insulated*








*Sprinter Van Conversion article







There are a lot of options depending on the weather where you live or where you will be travelling.  I will use the typical insulation standard:

  1. Radiant Barrier like the Relextic metallic bubble wrap.  This creates an insulation barrier and also helps with making the van quieter.
  2. Spray Foam for nooks and crannies.  Apply in thin layers and allow it to expand so you don’t have issues with the van panels being distorted.
  3. Foam Board Insulation to fill in indentations and level the surface.  Tape all joints so it is a sealed barrier.
  4. Batt Insulation
  5. Vapour Barrier.  Tape all joints and edges so it is a sealed barrier.
  6. Foam Board Insulation as a final layer on the floor instead of a subfloor, and apply vinyl flooring on top.
  7. Finishing material for ceiling and walls.


  1. Typical floor finishes are:  carpet, indoor-outdoor carpet, grey speaker carpet material, vinyl sheet flooring, vinyl plank flooring, plywood flooring and hardwood flooring.
  2. Laminate flooring is the lightest of the wood floorings.


Vinyl flooring.  I love vinyl flooring for the ease of installation, and for the easy care and maintenance.  I want the vinyl flooring that looks like hardwood flooring.  Sheet vinyl flooring does not even need to be glued down.  It can sit on top of the subfloor.  It is easy to trim to fit perfectly in the space.  It doesn’t buckle or move.  I’m not sure if it is the most light weight material, but its a small floor space, and the convenience outweighs other factors for me.  I will measure my floor space and call commercial flooring installation companies to see if I can get an off cut piece for cheap.  I would only use commercial homogeneous vinyl flooring for the floor as it has superior durability and a high resistance to wear, cuts and stains.

HDX 10 ft. Wide Natural Walnut Vinyl Universal Flooring Your Choice Length

HDX 10 ft. Wide Natural Walnut Vinyl Universal Flooring Your Choice Length


I see wood a lot.  I don’t want to use wood as it is heavy and you need to have wood supports to screw it into.  More wood.  The back of my van will freeze in winter.  Heat up in summer.  Wood expands and contracts.  It is not moisture resistant unless I seal it all—and even then I’m not sure.  Not the best for my project because of the weight.

I’ve seen a few vans use the grey acoustic carpet used on speaker boxes.  It looks very nice, and just glues on.  The downside to carpet is it picks up debris, so I would need a vacuum or a stiff broom to sweep it clean.  I worry about spills on carpet.  Moisture/mold.

I wonder about using vinyl sheet flooring on the walls and ceiling.  I’ve used Aqua Floor vinyl flooring on the tub walls of a bathroom in a rental property that worked wonderfully for very many years with no water seepage, was easy to clean, didn’t discolour, and was an all around great product.  We just glued it to the drywall.  I may go with vinyl sheet flooring on floors, walls and ceiling.  It bends.  Just glue firmly.  More research is required.  Main downside would be how much it weighs, which goes up with better quality.

That leaves me with paneling.  Paneling comes in sheets, is easy to install, and lightweight.  I found a 1/16 inch x 4 ft x 8 ft white plastic panel with a “cracked ice surface texture” (very subtle), moisture and rot resistant that weighs 8 lbs per panel at Home Depot.  I like it.  $20 a sheet.  I anticipate the walls to be covered with cabinets, fold up beds and other stuff, so my priority is durability.  The white colour will help reflect the light I will be installing since I plan to have no windows.

8 lbs for a 8 x 12 foot plastic sheet

8 lbs for a 4 x 12 foot plastic sheet



Van Life 1: Defining Needs and Wants

Utility Van high top

I want to buy a cargo van and convert it to a camper. I am a single female, and plan to travel by myself and/or with a friend.

Utility Van high top


  • To save hotel costs when travelling so I can travel longer (boondocking free; $20-50/night campgrounds; $100+ hotels)
  • To have what I need with me in the vehicle so I don’t have to tow a trailer
  • To get decent mileage to keep travel costs down (keep van as lightweight as possible)
  • To mainly travel to cities and parks, on paved roads
  • To travel through Central America: Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, etc.
  • To travel from Canada to South America (Pan American Hwy trip) if the Darian Gap re-opens


  • Do I want a stealth van?  (YES, just to say I have one!  lol)
  • Seriously, probably as “stealthy” and commercial looking as possible since I want to travel Central America and don’t need to invite trouble with a luxury looking vehicle.
  • Do I want to have a bulkhead/partition with door between passenger area and the back of the van?
  • I live in Canada, so in winter it is easier and cheaper to just heat the passenger area and not heat the back unless it is in use.
  • (NOTE: Batteries must be easily accessible for winter removal)
  • With bulkhead, you can’t swivel the seats to create more seating facing into the camper side.
  • The bulkhead allows for commercial organizational accessories to be installed on it.
  • The bulkhead would make the camper side feel more closed in with no view out the front window.  Then again, most people cover the front windows up for privacy anyway.
  • Do I want windows in the camper side, or be stealth.  I plan to visit Central America a lot.  So probably stealth would be safer for a single female.  Probably want to install some sort of security alarm, just to scare off potential intruders.
  • Do I design it to make bed platforms, kitchen, etc removable to leave the van multifunctional?
  • Do I go with solar panel system?  or generator?

I’m thinking to keep the bulkhead with a door for easier winter use; to maintain “stealth” look while travelling; for greater privacy.


  • RVs
  • Camping
  • Semi truck sleeper cabs
  • Yachts/boats
  • Horse Trailers


  • 2 single beds, possibly bunk beds
  • Twin bed size is 39″ x 74″ (or 39″ x 80″)
  • Double bed (full) is 54″ x 75″.  A memory foam mattress cut in half would be 27″ x 75″.
  • Queen bed size is 60″ x 80″.  A memory foam mattress cut in half would be 30″ x 80″.
  • Preference is for 2 single beds with no climbing or crawling.  (not young anymore)
  • DECISION:  A queen bed memory foam mattress, cut in half.  Bed size 1) 30″ x 80″, 2) 30″ x 80″
  • Layout options:
    • 1) lengthwise side by side,
    • 2) lengthwise end to end (along one wall)


  • Use stationary bed for a couch
  • Really want to have a couple chairs and a table.
    • Could have one bed a fold up against the wall, and two jump seats and a table that become the base for the bed when it folds down.

Must haves:

  • My must haves:  Tablet, laptop, wifi booster
  • Options:  TV & DVD player, NOAA weather radio, my digital library
  • Fan, venting, air conditioner, heater (all 12 volt?)
  • Ultra Low Profile Air Conditioners- Coleman Mach 8 – 8″ Tall (13.5K BTU is $733, 15K BTU is $900)
  • Automatic Deluxe Fan-Tastic Ceiling Fan Vent ($369 would need 2)
    • built in thermostat
    • auto open/close
    • rain sensor
    • reversable airflow
  • 12 v heater $250-$350
  • System for charging batteries
  • Yacht style table pulled up from floor to create a table/desk area


  • Legal boondocking and camping in campgrounds will be the most common overnight spots. ($20-$50/night)
  • Campgrounds have washroom and shower facilities. ($7/shower)
  • In van, only need toilet for overnight/morning; or if the need arises while on the hwy somewhere.
  • Many toilet options, but leaning to the Dry Flush Toilet ($595.00) + Floor Mount Kit ($58.50) + 3 refill cartridges ($54.99)
  • In van, sponge bath as needed.  Mosturizing wipes, or soap and water.
  • (I like the Olay Wet Cleansing Cloths and are facecloth size.  Adult wet disposable wipes are body size–8″x13″ more or less.)
  • Shower requires clean water supply and grey water tank
    • Adds much weight to vehicle which reduces mileage and affects the vehicle balance
  • TO CONSIDER:  An exterior shower setup for campgrounds/off-road:  5 gallon tank, portable waterless hot water heater, long hose, hand held shower with low flow head, shower screen.  An average shower uses 17 gallons of water, and this is 5 gallons.  Turn on, wet, turn off, wash, turn on, rinse.  That’s it.


  • Option 1:  get one of those all-in-one ‘modular campervan kitchens’ that have a couple stove burners, a sink, a fridge and some storage
    • Need to assess water and power needs and how to supply that
    • Fridges need to be level to function properly; cooler style fridges are more forgiving
  • Option 2:  Go simple with 12 volt appliances and gravity fed water system from 5 gallon (20 L) containers
    • Water is simple; Need battery system for 12 volt appliances
  • Leaning towards a 20L gravity fed/hand pump water system for clean/dirty water, a 12V single induction burner, a 12V fridge/cooler, and one standard kitchen cabinet to house water/sink  PRIORITIES: simple, light weight.

Kitchen Sink

  • Need a sink with 2 jugs under the sink:  one for clean water, one for dirty water
  • Use a hand pump to get clean water from jug to sink
  • Gravity drain for dirty water from sink to dirty water jug
  • Use the Companion Pop Up Dish Tray and Tub (15 L) and counter sink it (has a nice lip to rest on counter)
  • Keep sink removable so if water doesn’t fully drain (parked at an angle) it can be tilted, or even taken outside to use at campsite
  • Option to have hot water for sink as well as cold water:
    • a Coffee Urn under sink to heat water (electrical) with hand pump
    • Use aquarium heater(s) to heat water jug (electrical) with hand pump
    • Use portable hot water heater to heat water for both sink and outdoor shower (plumbing, shared water storage or two separate systems, electrical)


  • Restaurants are everywhere; grocery store deli with prepared foods; take-out food
  • Probably eat out for breakfast (least expensive meal)
  • If we eat in, need coffee maker, kettle, fridge
  • Prepackaged frozen skillet meals are easy.  Need a frying pan.  (stove top or 12 volt electric pan?)
  • Microwave?  or a Microwave convection oven?
  • Soup/sandwich.  Fridge.  Stove (or use the 12 volt pan?)
  • Need a 12V fridge/freezer
  • Truckers say you MUST HAVE a fridge (inexpensive drinks) and a crock pot (inexpensive food) to make life on the livable.


  • Tent for campgrounds (existing)
  • propane stove for campground cooking
  • fold up chairs (existing)
  • bicycle(s):  storage while on road?
  • screens for van doors


  • Solar Fire Starter ($2)
  • DVD player
  • NOAA weather radio ($30 – $300)
  • my digital library  (music, movies, etc.)
  • ipod system through vehicle stereo

Exploring Hopi Prophecy

Book of the Hopi by Frank Waters, Viking Press (1963)

Book of the Hopi by Frank Waters, Viking Press (1963)

The Hopi Prophecies were first published in 1963 in the Book of the Hopi by Frank Waters.  Waters tell us that:

“What they tell us is the story of…their emergences from previous worlds.”

“It is a world view of life…whose esoteric meaning they have kept inviolate for generations uncounted.”

“It is a mytho-religious system … as complex, abstract, and esoteric as any in the world.”

According to the Hopi tradition, we are leaving the 4th age of man, and are in the transition into the 5th age of man.  The nine (9) prophecies that are most spoken of today revolve around the 9 prophecies that lead up to the transition into the 5th age of man.  Eight of the nine prophecies are fulfilled, and there is much speculation on whether the ninth has revealed itself yet.  In addition, there are many differing opinions on the interpretation of the ninth prophecy.



The following video gives you an overview of the nine prophecies of the Hopi.


This video gives the details of the ninth prophecy.

2014 and Beyond

I just completed the 2-day ProGnost 2014 Cloud Class with the Crimson Circle.  I always make notes, and writing it out helps me internalize my experience.

 “2014. A time of tough love.” – Adamus St. Germain


Since 2012, planet earth has been going through visible transition.  (Actually it started around 2009, but it was a slow gentle start.)  Since then, things have been ramping up each year.  More and more storms.  Power outages, freaky storms, earthquakes, civil unrest, well, just watch the news. And these things are happening as much in 1st world countries as in 3rd world countries.  We have shifted from a 3D world to a 5D world over the last few years.   In a 3D world, corporations, governments, countries, etc. could get away with all kinds of corrupt behaviour and they got away with it.  Think back to the 1950’s—true 3D with everyone blending in, no one making waves, etc. We have been breaking old paradigms ever since.  Those old energy ways no longer can stand in the new energy.  The result?  Exposure of corruption, greed, bad business practices and more over the last five years (and more), with less and less tolerance as we move more fully into 5D energy.  The old rules no longer apply.

The rules of life have changed.  hmmmm…..did you get the memo?  What are these new rules?  Have you noticed that the old ways of doing things don’t work anymore?  A new game—-played on the old checkerboard, but with new rules.  Some of us are playing by the new rules and things are working.  Most are not, and they are getting a little stressed out there in the big, bad world.  Add to the mix financial crisis, freaky weather, epidemics, issues with fuel/energy and it is no wonder people are getting a little nuts.  Civil unrest?  you betcha!

Glad we have workshops like this one to put it all into perspective.


Dr. Doug Davies

Dr. Doug (as he is affectionately known), gave an informative presentation on the Astrology affecting 2014.  It was very well presented, and he explained an astrological chart and how it works in an easy-to-understand way.  I know nothing much about astrology and even less about charts, so I really appreciated his easy-going manner which made trines, squares and other lingo easy to understand.  Any errors in this information is purely mine.

When astrological events occur, they bring energetic influences to the planet.  Whether they affect the planet, nations or individuals, the influences are there for our benefit to help us break out of old patterns and into healthier more balanced behaviour.  The energies of astrological events are opportunities for positive change.  If we cling to the old, or go into fear of the unknown, we can experience anguish, problems, etc.  The choice is ours in how we want to experience the change.

The planetary alignments happening on April 20-22nd, and then May 9th and coming back around through to July 2014 will bring “stress points” to the planet which will trigger changes on a number of fronts. There are four planets which create four astrological squares. Usually two planets square off, but this time there are four planets which create FOUR squares! Note:  an astrological square is two planets at a 90° angle.  The four planets which are involved in the squares are:

Uranus – Uranus is known in astrology as the “Awakener,” since its aspects and transits bring sudden changes and shocks. It rules Aquarius, the quirky innovator, and sometimes these upheavals are a necessary break from restrictions in favor of a more liberated path

Jupiter -expansion, lucky breaks, generosity, life purpose, blessings, optimism, prosperity

Mars -ambition, sexual desire, passion, determination, will to act, discipline, motivation, initiation, impulses, fire within, energy levels, expressing anger

Pluto – transformation, destruction, creation, regeneration, healing, renewal, power struggles, upheaval

ON A PERSONAL NOTE:  I found this explanation online….

Has Uranus ever squared Pluto before?

Yes. The last series of squares between Uranus and Pluto took place between 1932 and 1934, during which time we saw the world face a great deal of transformative upheaval — i.e. the Great Depression, the invention of the atomic bomb and the rise of Adolph Hitler. 

In 1966 and 1967, Uranus and Pluto joined each other three times — but those were conjunctions, not squares. Still, while joined in the ’60s, Uranus and Pluto sparked cultural and social revolutions around the globe, adding passion and power to the liberation movements and the social shifts that followed.  – excerpt from the link below Uranus square to Pluto (2012 to 2015)

SO, if one square did that, what are FOUR squares going to do?  I think we are in for one heck of a roller coaster ride!

The Four Astrological Squares

Uranus square to Pluto (2012 to 2015)
When revolutionary Uranus squares transformative Pluto in the zodiac signs of Aries and Capricorn, the primary effect is the sweeping out of old ways of thinking and doing things, which creates an environment of revolution — and eventually a rebirth to a new way of life.

 Jupiter square Uranus
Expansion, Growth and Beneficence Conflicts with Transformation through Revelation and Change

 Mars square Jupiter
Your Desires and Actions are in Conflict with Your Expansion/Beneficence/Understanding Function

Mars square Pluto
Your Desires and Actions are Challenged by Power and Transformation through Crisis


 Adamus St. Germain channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe

Adamus St. Germain spent one session talking about the upcoming changes and the importance of adding consciousness. “Add Consciousness to the Equation.” Consciousness is awareness, knowingness and the feeling of “I exist” in this now moment. When you are out of balance, when fear overtakes you, etc.: “ADD CONSCIOUSNESS”. Got questions, confused? Add consciousness.

Consciousness affects energy (energy responds to it) and the Passion of Consciousness aligns you and creates your reality. You can change your reality, your experience by adding consciousness.

Adamus said, “In the next years, watch the world play out freedom and power.” He defines power as the accumulation and manipulation of energy.  Freedom is about energy independence.  The basic human need is energy.  We get energy through food.  Money is a form of energy exchange.  Sex is an energy that can be abused, or incite a higher spiritual connection—depending how it is used.  Power is an illusion.  Victimhood is a power game.  Adamus urges us to watch the game as it is played out over the coming years, but not to get caught up in it.


The purpose of our spiritual journey is to become embodied masters.  This has never been done before on a large scale.  Up to now, a few individuals have achieved this state, but now we have a group of people who are on this journey, and who are on the threshold of stepping into this state.  The earth changes that are upcoming will also be a catalyst for this group to make the leap into embodied masters.  This process can take from a few years to many years.  Since it has never been done before, no one is quite sure of the details, but it will happen sooner or later.

2014 to 2030

During the time of planetary change from 3D to 5D, we will see a convergence of energy and consciousness.  There is no more destiny.  No more fate.  Aliens 🙂 cannot interfere.  There will be a convergence of many elements, and many coming from surprising places.  This is going to manifest in many ways, but predominantly through a) world finances and a new world economy based on a new form of energy exchange (money), b) weather and earth changes that will clear old energies that are seeking release at this time, c) fuel/energy crisis with the emergence of new kinds of energy sources, d) civil unrest due to people giving in to their fears of our changing world, and e) a viral epidemic which will spread quickly causing more fear, but is really a clearing of old energy and old consciousness.

Have you noticed these things have already happened in some form?  Well, it will just increase—in frequency and in more locations.

With the extreme weather slowly increasing in frequency over the coming years, there will be a disruption in goods and services.  Due to storms, flooding, earthquakes, etc, certain foods might become unavailable.  Power or heat or water might be disrupted—although not necessarily all at once or in all regions.

Through it all, stay balanced, and “Add Consciousness.”


This is a time of melding of light and dark, new earth and old earth, etc.  Through this time, love yourself.  Be honest about things that keep you from loving yourself.  Make some choices.  Clearing out what no longer serves you.  Regarding your physical body, let go of the karma of your DNA.  Let go of your ancestral lineage.  Choose to activate your light body.  Look for opportunities of personal growth.  Look for 4 to 6 areas in your life where you compromise yourself (with yourself), and make some changes.  How often do you break your word with yourself?  How often do you not follow through with what you know you should do?  Are you truly being honest with yourself? Your soul has distilled all your experiences into wisdom, so you can let the experiences go.  Integrate your past lives.  Look at anything that keeps you from loving yourself.  No compromises with yourself.  Trust your inner knowingness.

When it comes to work, open yourself to new potentials, new experiences, new jobs.


Be prepared for one month without light, heat, water, and/or access to food.  If extreme weather isolates you, or other causes keep you cut off from your regular access to goods and services, have a back up plan.  Get some canned goods that you can eat without a stove.  Store some water, and have a water purification unit available (check out your local camping store).  Have a back up plan if you have no heat.  Stockpile some batteries, candles, matches, etc.  Keep some cash on hand in case the computers go down or you can’t get to the bank.  Depending where you live, you might consider an emergency radio—the type where you crank it to get power.  Keep extra toilet paper on-hand.  Keep an extra month’s supply of medications on-hand, just in case.  Think about whatever else you cannot live without, and keep it on-hand. Have a few good books waiting.  Chances are the time period will be much less than a month, but it is always good to be prepared.  If it happens to you, treat it like a vacation from your life, and enjoy some quiet time with yourself.



Jim Self spoke during his first session about the need to know where we have come from to understand what is happening now.  In particular, he traced the history of money and finance.  It was a fascinating look at why we are in the financial ruin we are in, and what the probable outcomes will be.  Very briefly, the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank is a private corporation and not run by the government.  At the end of WWII, the USD became the standard currency where the money was backed by gold.  Continued printing of money in the USA made foreign countries nervous, so they wanted to be paid in gold instead of dollars.  In the early 1970’s, the USA went off the gold standard (because they ran out of gold), and the USD was backed by oil and gas—Saudi Arabia, but not Iran.  All those Iranian invasions now make sense!

Well, the USA kept printing more and more money, the debt kept climbing.  China has been the biggest buyer of US bonds for decades, which has been financing the US economy, but they have now said they will no longer be buying US bonds.  The deal with Saudi Arabia is coming to an end.  The US is now frantically exploiting all gas/oil exploration on American soil to keep the dollar from being worthless.  The fall out over the last years has been the housing crisis, slowed down economy, and more.  See the news for details.

Well, a very, very brief version from my notes.  Jim described a much bigger picture with details on deficits, etc.  There were times I was so fascinated I stopped taking notes!  He did predict that if things keep going the way they are, China will become the new currency standard.

In the second session, Jim talked about practical steps that we as emerging 3D humans can do to fully step into 5D.  We cannot take our baggage with us on this journey.  We need to fully activate our light body.

Can you manage your thoughts?  Can you choose consciously?  It is much easier to do if you are in present time and can observe, choose and act.  The rational mind likes to keep us safe, and wants us to fit in.  If you don’t like your experience, then change your thoughts and emotions, and you will change your experience.  If people are in a flap, hold your space quietly and let them talk.  Don’t buy into their drama—it is theirs, not yours.

Jim took us through a “staying present” meditation where we took a thought and then created that emotion.  I am capable.  I am certain.  I like myself.  I am commanding of my presence.  I am happy.  I am senior in my body, in who I am.  I am powerful.  I am gracious.  One-by-one, we held the thought and created the emotion in our body.  Then we blended them together in threes—holding that vibration.  That was our platform in 5D from which we then go throughout our day.  Lower energies, fear, worry, etc. cannot exist with these higher energies.

He spoke about the 12D earth which was originally created to hold the Christed light.  He spoke about “the fall” and how we lost that Christed nature.  To get back to the 12D “Adam Cadman” body, there needs to be a joining of our physical body, our mental body, our etheric body, our causal body and as they occurs we then can access the 8th, 9th, 10th, 11, and 12 chakras.

We did an exercise where he led us in activating our 4th and 5th chakras with the thymas gland to create one frequency.  Then we activated our 6th chakra, pineal gland and the madula oblangata and created another frequency to go with the first set.  Then we activated the 7th and 8th chakras with the soul star, to create a third frequency to go with the previous 2 sets.  I felt my physical body jerk as I energized each of the three connections which then tie into the unified field.

Session 6 with Jim had these notes:  Balance is in the now moment.  Where is your attention point?  Strive for a fully activated light body.  Change your thoughts and emotions to a new attention point.  In 5D, every action is an application for something you want.  Words and emotions become the action in the next moment.  We did another round of thoughts/emotions to further anchor the 5D platform from which we will continue each day from.



It is very interesting that the various astrological squares balance each other out when it comes to positive and negative influences.  But the power of FOUR of them will make for big upheaval in the world—-as if we haven’t already seen a lot these past 5 years or so.  I am intrigued.  I am also making my preparations by clearing the old out of my life.  Whatever no longer resonates with me will have to go.

I am focused on maintaining the 5D energetic state.  A few minutes every morning creating the platform of 5D using those thoughts/emotions should carry me in a balanced way throughout my day.  I think I will redo the light body activation weekly, just to keep it front and centre in my life.

I have come out of these two days with great peace of mind, and a serenity of purpose that feels very good on me.  Thank you to Dr. Doug, Geoff, Jim, Linda, and the whole team!  Bless you.



Government of Canada – Emergency Preparedness Guide

Mastering Alchemy – How You Choose In A Changing World

Awakening Zone Radio Show – The Year of the Great Unraveling with Jim Self, Dec 19, 2013
According to international teacher, speaker and author Jim Self, what once seemed unthinkable is now a looming reality—America’s star is rapidly waning, the world’s global power structure is tilting to the East, China is no longer buying US debt, and the future of oil, gold, and petro dollars is becoming more and more uncertain.  If that fills you with anxiety or panic, be aware that, actually, all is very much in order. For the long-awaited “shift of the ages” is now well and truly in progress, and while its erosion of every facet of life that we used to believe in and rely on is unnerving for many, the truth is that the only foundations that are shaking, are those that have become so unbalanced as to be completely out of kilter with where we are heading.

As we continue our transition from the 3rd to the 5th dimension the old 3-D world of inequality, competition, restriction, entitlement, reaction and fear that we have all experienced will give way to a 5th dimensional state of wellbeing, cooperation, respect and freedom.  2014 is the year of the “great unraveling”—the fall of the American Empire will bring about the demise of domination as well as the rise of human consciousness, and life on planet Earth will never be the same again.


The Beacons of Light – Re-minders from Home January 2014


Integration Through Breathing with Dr. Norma Delaney


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Lee Carroll channels KRYON – Message for 2014, Jan 11, 2014

Dimensions – 3rd, 4th, 5th and counting


In spiritual circles, there is always talk about dimensions, and the claim that higher dimensions are more desirable.  Well, as you know, dimensions are just dimensions, and we put our own labels and valuation on them based on our belief systems.  Here I want to explore the dimensions.  Come along for the ride.


Dimensions are measurable items.  Owen Waters describes it beautifully in The 12 Dimensions of Creation, and identifies the following dimensions:

Space (length, breadth, height)
Energy (etheric, magnetic, electric)
Consciousness (father creator, mother creator, templates for infinite universes)

When spiritual people talk about dimensions, they are talking about the various dimensions of thought, feeling, energy and consciousness.  Often the word “vibration” is used to refer to the interrelationship of these four dimensions, because this combination creates a measurable vibration that is sent out and the universe responds through the Law of Reflection.

Our spiritual journey is about mastering our own energy (created through thought, attitude, and feeling).  Our thoughts and attitudes can change our feelings.  Our journey is about being conscious of our life, how we live it, and how we create our reality.  We create through thought and feeling and the vibration/energy that is created as a result.  Basic spiritual physics.

LIVING THOUGHT. SOURCE: http://www.mike-ohare.com/reincarnation/

There are millions of dimensions.  Every thought that anyone has ever had has created a dimension.  When many people have the same thought, the dimension becomes more stable, more permanent to our limited life-span senses.  Each thought creates a vibration.  Vibration is measurable—from slow to fast, and different ranges of vibration are loosely grouped into a dimension.  The millions upon millions of vibrations that we live with today are mostly third dimension vibrations.  But, we can also live in higher vibrational states called fourth dimension, or even fifth dimension.  Of course, when you are surrounded by millions of 3D vibrations, living in those higher states are more difficult.  That is why monks used to sequester themselves away—to hold that higher vibration/light.  Not that it worked that well, but that is another story!

The new age movement has inspired hundreds of thousands of people to try to live in those higher vibrational/dimensional states, and as a result are creating a more stable, permanent dimension that makes it easier for others to attain.   So what are these thoughts and attitudes that create higher states?  Over the years, there are many spiritual teachers and leaders who have identified key elements of each dimension–the thoughts, attitudes and feelings of the higher dimensions.  Let us look at them now.

-belief in lack
-belief in limitations
-relationships are conditional
-linear time only
-always and never, nothing in between
-live by reacting to present time events, not acting on own initiative
-living unconsciously
-need to fit in, not stand out, be like others
-right or wrong, good or bad
-rational mind rules the self (its two functions – keep you safe and have you fit in.)
-negative self beliefs  (“I’m not okay.”)
-unconscious beliefs
-unconscious actions (i.e.  automatically driving)
-mass consciousness
-suppression, domination and slavery

SOURCE: http://quaddimension.blogspot.ca/

-astral space
-active dreams with fear (nightmares)
-present time (now)
-the more present time you achieve the better you can breathe and the more conscious you become
-how you experience yourself right now
-you can choose
-ability to observe self
-awareness of your soul and able to tap its wisdom periodically
-able to choose how you wish things would unfold
-you give yourself permission to open your mouth
-you give yourself permission to state what you want
-you give yourself permission to have hopes, dreams and wishes
-you give yourself permission to simply start to take charge
-less engaged with others and more at peace

Many spiritual seekers move from third to fourth dimension and have a greater awareness of self and others.  They start to consciously create their life, and tap their soul’s wisdom.  They are living both 3rd and 4th dimensions at the same time, leaving some 3rd dimensional attributes behind and gaining some 4th dimensional attributes.

Part of our evolution is creating a fourth dimensional platform of certainty and command.  This gives you the ability to define your boundaries, to be able to observe what’s going on in the world around you and then choose the action that allows for the best expression of you. This also gives you the ability to allow your rational mind to go through it’s convoluted thinking process, but you can sit back and observe it—and make a choice whether you will go along with your mind or not (observer role).

Some 4th dimension attributes and feelings are:

The 4th dimension is a stepping stone to the 5th dimensional vibrations, and not the goal.  Those spiritual seekers who are moving forward are now incorporating more and more 5th dimensional  attributes, leaving more the the 3rd dimensional attributes behind.  It is an evolution of consciousness.

soul/spirit integrated with your human body
think and perceive with the heart (not the mind)
act from the wisdom of the soul
understanding comes from heart not the mind

SOURCE: http://www.lovewithoutend.com

Our spirit or soul is a part of us, but such a small part of it is integrated into our physical body.  As we move into higher dimensional vibrations, more of our spirit/soul can come in.  As this happens, the role of the rational mind changes to one of serving the heart.  The book Love Without End – Jesus Speaks by Glenda Green has a large section that explains the relationship of heart and mind, and clarifies the roles.

As you incorporate more of the 5th dimensional thoughts and feelings, you start to create your life from within yourself.  You will come into a space of awareness where you will know yourself from sets of feelings and alignments that your mind will not understand.  You will just know. You won’t question.  You won’t have fear or doubt.  You will make choices from your own knowingness.

Another thing that happens is that you will start to lose your memory.  In fact, you will lose all those thoughts you have had about yourself that weren’t yours to begin with.  The comments of parents, teachers, preachers, peer group, etc. will lose their hold on your subconscious, and fall away.  You won’t even remember that you once had those thoughts because you will have forgotten.  If you have taken one of their comments and created a belief structure around it, it will take a little longer to let go of, but it too will go over time.  In truth, you are forgetting who you are not!

Think with the heart, act from the wisdom of the soul.


To create a pattern of 5th dimensional living for yourself, choose any three feelings from the list below and FEEL those feelings.  No thinking the feeling, no willing the feeling.  Just relax, breathe and feel any three feelings from the list.  Think of them as three sides of a triangle.  Feel them separately, one after another.  Then combine them—feel any two feelings, then go back to single feelings, then combine them again, then combine all three feelings at once.  When you are done, stay in those feelings for as long as you can.  As you do this daily, you will find it easier and easier to stay in those feelings.

Every day, choose a different set of feelings, or you can do multiple sets in one day.

Here is the list:  happy, certain, capable, pleased with yourself, significant, radiant, gracious, elegant, freedom, certain, senior (seniority – who I am – senior in the body – this is mine – I’m the owner), powerful, commanding of your presence (no force, just elegance), physical beauty, physical balance, physical integration.

The interesting thing about these words is they start to form a radiance of light, a certainty, a commanding presence.  It’s the seniority. It’s the ownership. It’s the energy that allows everything to be contained in your field. This is who you are.  You are commanding of your presence.  You live there, and you live in graciousness and kindness and respect and appreciation and gratitude and dignity and humility, and you simply are admired by every other being that there is, as you admire every other being. That’s who you are.

This is the 5th dimension.  When you are in this feeling, lower dimension feelings (fear, lack, etc) cannot exist, and therefore cannot affect you.


Love Without End
Infinite Being
Crimson Circle
Mastering Alchemy

Funny Thing Happened When I Put On My Socks……

PREAMBLE:  My friend Skyped me the previous evening to chat.  Let’s call her Barb.   Barb and I  talked about life, relationships, and things going on in our lives.  During this conversation, Barb talked about her recently ended relationship with, let’s call him Charlie, and the potential of moving a long-term friendship with a man, let’s call him Donald, into a more intimate relationship.  In conclusion, Barb decided that she did not want this because of Donald’s past alcoholism, and issues the he has with his ex-family.

The next morning while getting ready for work, I was focusing my spirit for the day ahead, and with one deep breath came a ‘download’ of information about her situation.  Her situation was not at all on my mind that morning, I was thinking about the day ahead of me.  But with this information pouring in, I headed downstairs to communicate this to her via computer—whether she was there to read it or not.  As synchronicity would have it, she was there!

ME:  Hi, while sitting on my bed putting my socks on !!

ME:  breathing in this new perspective I’ve been working on
(I’ve been listening to ABRAHAM The Secret Behind the Secret featuring Esther & Jerry Hicks)

(I’m typing a long thing and then my roommate interrupted me)

Barb:  where did you go?

Barb: no response, lol….saw you writing

ME: that when you speak of Donald and his AA and his problem children, you are actually creating that experience with him—although you say that is why you don’t want to get involved with him, the universe doesn’t understand negatives, it only understands what we think and project into feeling.

ME: So, the spirit can create ANY kind of experience we choose to co-create

ME: and by putting him in that “box” of those problems, you are actually helping create those problems!! lol

ME: the spirit is so much bigger and powerful than the box we put ourselves in, the box we put others in

ME: OF COURSE  there is the earth perspective that there are patterns of behaviour and coping

ME: but we all have those.  It is just how we label them and how we react to those labels

ME: ok, that is my message from spirit this morning.

ME: lol

ME: ;)


ME: and here I thought I was just doing my breathing and putting on socks

ME: then this flood of info comes pouring in

BARB: so I feel on the verge of something

BARB: do you have a moment to push this a bit further with me

ME: I can make the time

BARB: thanks :)

BARB: so if I see Donald as having his AA and kids all in line and issues dealt with

BARB: it frees up me to have a different relationship with him?

ME: if you see and FEEL Donald as having AA and kids all in the line and issues dealt with you set the standard for that energy to occur

ME: and you help him co-create it

ME: then he needs to do this part

BARB: I am feeling like I fucked this up with Charlie

ME: Don’t even go there!

BARB: did I create the ending of my relationship with Charlie?

ME: he did by moving into the basement

ME: and not dealing with stuff he should have been dealing with

BARB: or did he create that too

ME: he brought that energy into your relationship—the energy of failure

ME: and you tried to hold him to a higher standard and he couldn’t get there

BARB: ok I need to hear that

BARB: that for some reason it was not all me

ME: no it was not all you—it was mostly him

BARB: well with Donald I know he has his AA thing dealt with

BARB: and his relationships with his kids are much better

ME: :)

ME: that is because he is better

ME: remember our relationships are a reflection of our relationship with ourselves

BARB: but how can I just ignore his past coping patterns of being in a bottle for over 25 years of his life

BARB: let alone not dealing with his emotions all his life

BARB: all I feel I have done since my marriage breakdown is deal with my emotions!

BARB: how can he be a reflection of that?

ME: his relationship with his children is a reflection of his relationship with himself

ME: as for being in the bottle

ME: well, consider how he might perceive your relationships for the past 25 years of your life

ME: you put up with a lot of emotional and mental abuse

ME: that is judgement

ME: and it is the past

ME: we only have the moment

ME: everything else is illusion

ME: really it is

ME: we just put so much weight to the past and future that we don’t have the energy to truly live the moment

ME: that’s why we don’t create so well sometimes—our energy isn’t here


ME: I wish I was there to give you a big hug

BARB: I don’t know what to do Angela……..

ME: excellent

BARB: why

ME: don’t do

ME: just be

ME: in the moment

ME: don’t plan the future

ME: let it unfold IN THE MOMENT

ME: look after yourself

ME: be the best that you can be

ME: (Now I sound like a commercial)  lol

BARB: no not at all

ME: in each moment

ME: that’s all that you need to do

ME: moment by moment

ME:  everything else is mind crap

BARB: ok

BARB: and if Donald wants to speak of the future

BARB: how do I handle it?

ME: bring him back to the moment

ME: “I can’t think that far ahead right now….”

ME: “Let’s just enjoy the moment….”

ME: that’s all there really is

ME: everything else is mind-crap

BARB: I am truly fearful of opening up intimacy with someone again

ME: yes, so am I

ME: but when we are fearful, that is where our growth lies

BARB: it’s like a flood gate of emotions come forward

ME: you are not your emotions

ME:  you experience emotions

ME: and you can experience different emotions


ME: you are creating them

ME: by where you put your thoughts , that makes emotions/feelings

ME: so, as grand creator, if you want to experience something, you focus on it and it fills you with the feeling

ME: or emotion

BARB: so if I put my focus on experiencing love, joy and happiness, ease of living and peace of mind, that is what I will create correct?

ME: yes

ME: but the question is:  can you stop your mind from cycling back to old thinking patterns?

ME: because if you can’t, you will re-energize those other thinking patterns

ME: and therefore create that

BARB: so what is the simplest most effective way of stopping my mind from cycling back to the old thinking patterns?

ME: I used to do this exercise:  go one month without a negative thought.   When a negative comes in, restart your month.

ME: Just breathe, and refocus

ME: did this back in the 80′s when I meditated all the time

ME: meditation also quiets the mind

ME: trains it to stop going full speed

ME: after about a month of trying, you actually start to live in this positive space all the time

ME: it is LIFE CHANGING what will occur!!

ME: look for the good in every situation, and if the situation has no good?  look at it with compassion for the soul who is choosing that experience

ME: practise living in that state

ME: that is really what this spiritual journey is about

ME: if you can do this, everything in your life will shift and you will no longer even recognize it

ME: and I don’t mean physically—people, situations, etc. all just keep getting better and better

ME: jobs get better

ME: friendships get better and more plentiful

ME: there is more joy

BARB: ok wow I can feel the energy already lighten up

ME: yeah, just do it for a month and see how it is!!

ME: you will laugh a lot and be very joyful

ME: I went back to the book that taught me this when I came up north (Three Magic Words by U.S. Anderson)

ME: and I’ve been doing those meditations now and again

ME: it still works like a charm

BARB: I listen to Lee Harris clips on You Are Love and it certainly changes my energy

ME: do you know this is my first winter without Seasonal Affective Disorder??? and I’m up north!!  Can you spell depression, children??


ME: no crying at all

ME: no sadness

ME: amazing!

BARB: why do you feel that is?

ME: because I am free within myself

ME: and I am living in this positive state as much as I humanly can

ME: a number of factors really

BARB: wonderful for you!!

ME: oh, I could complain (and sometimes do) about not losing weight, and my knees, etc., but I choose not to focus on the negative and I keep creating more positive

ME: created more money in the job I’m in!!
(got a $5/hr raise the previous day)

BARB: yes indeed

BARB: we do create this way

ME: anyway I need to go

BARB: ok lol

BARB: thanks honey

ME: have a great day!!

ME: (heart)

BARB: guess you got a download of information from spirit this morning

ME: oh yeah

ME: lol

BARB: wonderful!

ME: had to come straight to the computer to tell you whether you were here or not!! Lol

BARB: thank you so much!!

BARB: hey do you still go into AIPD each morning?
(AIPD – Anything Is Possible Dimension is an online group of spiritual people sharing their journey)

ME: I live in AIPD


ME: it’s energy is in my aura

BARB: that makes such a huge difference doesn’t it?

ME: yes, thank you for introducing me to it

BARB: you are welcome

ME: it is part of my multidimensional self.  :)

BARB: wonderful!

BARB: honestly I have not been going in as much as I most likely should now

BARB: Love you tons!

ME: Love you too.  See you in a couple weeks!!


BARB: Gosh it is close now!!

BARB: Huge hugs

BARB: xoxoxoxo

ME: just bring it into your aura and live there

ME: make it part of you, not separate from you

BARB: yes I know that

BARB: and it was each day for so long

ME: I gotta go

BARB: ok chat later

BARB: hugs

BARB: xoxoxxo

Please Note:  that we have been friends for many years, and have been talking spirit all that time.  We have our own shorthand when explaining concepts to each other, so if something isn’t making sense it is probably because the whole concept is not explained here—we know what the other is referring to.