February 21, 2018

Exploring Hopi Prophecy

Book of the Hopi by Frank Waters, Viking Press (1963)

Book of the Hopi by Frank Waters, Viking Press (1963)

The Hopi Prophecies were first published in 1963 in the Book of the Hopi by Frank Waters.  Waters tell us that:

“What they tell us is the story of…their emergences from previous worlds.”

“It is a world view of life…whose esoteric meaning they have kept inviolate for generations uncounted.”

“It is a mytho-religious system … as complex, abstract, and esoteric as any in the world.”

According to the Hopi tradition, we are leaving the 4th age of man, and are in the transition into the 5th age of man.  The nine (9) prophecies that are most spoken of today revolve around the 9 prophecies that lead up to the transition into the 5th age of man.  Eight of the nine prophecies are fulfilled, and there is much speculation on whether the ninth has revealed itself yet.  In addition, there are many differing opinions on the interpretation of the ninth prophecy.



The following video gives you an overview of the nine prophecies of the Hopi.


This video gives the details of the ninth prophecy.

2014 and Beyond

I just completed the 2-day ProGnost 2014 Cloud Class with the Crimson Circle.  I always make notes, and writing it out helps me internalize my experience.

 “2014. A time of tough love.” – Adamus St. Germain


Since 2012, planet earth has been going through visible transition.  (Actually it started around 2009, but it was a slow gentle start.)  Since then, things have been ramping up each year.  More and more storms.  Power outages, freaky storms, earthquakes, civil unrest, well, just watch the news. And these things are happening as much in 1st world countries as in 3rd world countries.  We have shifted from a 3D world to a 5D world over the last few years.   In a 3D world, corporations, governments, countries, etc. could get away with all kinds of corrupt behaviour and they got away with it.  Think back to the 1950’s—true 3D with everyone blending in, no one making waves, etc. We have been breaking old paradigms ever since.  Those old energy ways no longer can stand in the new energy.  The result?  Exposure of corruption, greed, bad business practices and more over the last five years (and more), with less and less tolerance as we move more fully into 5D energy.  The old rules no longer apply.

The rules of life have changed.  hmmmm…..did you get the memo?  What are these new rules?  Have you noticed that the old ways of doing things don’t work anymore?  A new game—-played on the old checkerboard, but with new rules.  Some of us are playing by the new rules and things are working.  Most are not, and they are getting a little stressed out there in the big, bad world.  Add to the mix financial crisis, freaky weather, epidemics, issues with fuel/energy and it is no wonder people are getting a little nuts.  Civil unrest?  you betcha!

Glad we have workshops like this one to put it all into perspective.


Dr. Doug Davies

Dr. Doug (as he is affectionately known), gave an informative presentation on the Astrology affecting 2014.  It was very well presented, and he explained an astrological chart and how it works in an easy-to-understand way.  I know nothing much about astrology and even less about charts, so I really appreciated his easy-going manner which made trines, squares and other lingo easy to understand.  Any errors in this information is purely mine.

When astrological events occur, they bring energetic influences to the planet.  Whether they affect the planet, nations or individuals, the influences are there for our benefit to help us break out of old patterns and into healthier more balanced behaviour.  The energies of astrological events are opportunities for positive change.  If we cling to the old, or go into fear of the unknown, we can experience anguish, problems, etc.  The choice is ours in how we want to experience the change.

The planetary alignments happening on April 20-22nd, and then May 9th and coming back around through to July 2014 will bring “stress points” to the planet which will trigger changes on a number of fronts. There are four planets which create four astrological squares. Usually two planets square off, but this time there are four planets which create FOUR squares! Note:  an astrological square is two planets at a 90° angle.  The four planets which are involved in the squares are:

Uranus – Uranus is known in astrology as the “Awakener,” since its aspects and transits bring sudden changes and shocks. It rules Aquarius, the quirky innovator, and sometimes these upheavals are a necessary break from restrictions in favor of a more liberated path

Jupiter -expansion, lucky breaks, generosity, life purpose, blessings, optimism, prosperity

Mars -ambition, sexual desire, passion, determination, will to act, discipline, motivation, initiation, impulses, fire within, energy levels, expressing anger

Pluto – transformation, destruction, creation, regeneration, healing, renewal, power struggles, upheaval

ON A PERSONAL NOTE:  I found this explanation online….

Has Uranus ever squared Pluto before?

Yes. The last series of squares between Uranus and Pluto took place between 1932 and 1934, during which time we saw the world face a great deal of transformative upheaval — i.e. the Great Depression, the invention of the atomic bomb and the rise of Adolph Hitler. 

In 1966 and 1967, Uranus and Pluto joined each other three times — but those were conjunctions, not squares. Still, while joined in the ’60s, Uranus and Pluto sparked cultural and social revolutions around the globe, adding passion and power to the liberation movements and the social shifts that followed.  – excerpt from the link below Uranus square to Pluto (2012 to 2015)

SO, if one square did that, what are FOUR squares going to do?  I think we are in for one heck of a roller coaster ride!

The Four Astrological Squares

Uranus square to Pluto (2012 to 2015)
When revolutionary Uranus squares transformative Pluto in the zodiac signs of Aries and Capricorn, the primary effect is the sweeping out of old ways of thinking and doing things, which creates an environment of revolution — and eventually a rebirth to a new way of life.

 Jupiter square Uranus
Expansion, Growth and Beneficence Conflicts with Transformation through Revelation and Change

 Mars square Jupiter
Your Desires and Actions are in Conflict with Your Expansion/Beneficence/Understanding Function

Mars square Pluto
Your Desires and Actions are Challenged by Power and Transformation through Crisis


 Adamus St. Germain channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe

Adamus St. Germain spent one session talking about the upcoming changes and the importance of adding consciousness. “Add Consciousness to the Equation.” Consciousness is awareness, knowingness and the feeling of “I exist” in this now moment. When you are out of balance, when fear overtakes you, etc.: “ADD CONSCIOUSNESS”. Got questions, confused? Add consciousness.

Consciousness affects energy (energy responds to it) and the Passion of Consciousness aligns you and creates your reality. You can change your reality, your experience by adding consciousness.

Adamus said, “In the next years, watch the world play out freedom and power.” He defines power as the accumulation and manipulation of energy.  Freedom is about energy independence.  The basic human need is energy.  We get energy through food.  Money is a form of energy exchange.  Sex is an energy that can be abused, or incite a higher spiritual connection—depending how it is used.  Power is an illusion.  Victimhood is a power game.  Adamus urges us to watch the game as it is played out over the coming years, but not to get caught up in it.


The purpose of our spiritual journey is to become embodied masters.  This has never been done before on a large scale.  Up to now, a few individuals have achieved this state, but now we have a group of people who are on this journey, and who are on the threshold of stepping into this state.  The earth changes that are upcoming will also be a catalyst for this group to make the leap into embodied masters.  This process can take from a few years to many years.  Since it has never been done before, no one is quite sure of the details, but it will happen sooner or later.

2014 to 2030

During the time of planetary change from 3D to 5D, we will see a convergence of energy and consciousness.  There is no more destiny.  No more fate.  Aliens 🙂 cannot interfere.  There will be a convergence of many elements, and many coming from surprising places.  This is going to manifest in many ways, but predominantly through a) world finances and a new world economy based on a new form of energy exchange (money), b) weather and earth changes that will clear old energies that are seeking release at this time, c) fuel/energy crisis with the emergence of new kinds of energy sources, d) civil unrest due to people giving in to their fears of our changing world, and e) a viral epidemic which will spread quickly causing more fear, but is really a clearing of old energy and old consciousness.

Have you noticed these things have already happened in some form?  Well, it will just increase—in frequency and in more locations.

With the extreme weather slowly increasing in frequency over the coming years, there will be a disruption in goods and services.  Due to storms, flooding, earthquakes, etc, certain foods might become unavailable.  Power or heat or water might be disrupted—although not necessarily all at once or in all regions.

Through it all, stay balanced, and “Add Consciousness.”


This is a time of melding of light and dark, new earth and old earth, etc.  Through this time, love yourself.  Be honest about things that keep you from loving yourself.  Make some choices.  Clearing out what no longer serves you.  Regarding your physical body, let go of the karma of your DNA.  Let go of your ancestral lineage.  Choose to activate your light body.  Look for opportunities of personal growth.  Look for 4 to 6 areas in your life where you compromise yourself (with yourself), and make some changes.  How often do you break your word with yourself?  How often do you not follow through with what you know you should do?  Are you truly being honest with yourself? Your soul has distilled all your experiences into wisdom, so you can let the experiences go.  Integrate your past lives.  Look at anything that keeps you from loving yourself.  No compromises with yourself.  Trust your inner knowingness.

When it comes to work, open yourself to new potentials, new experiences, new jobs.


Be prepared for one month without light, heat, water, and/or access to food.  If extreme weather isolates you, or other causes keep you cut off from your regular access to goods and services, have a back up plan.  Get some canned goods that you can eat without a stove.  Store some water, and have a water purification unit available (check out your local camping store).  Have a back up plan if you have no heat.  Stockpile some batteries, candles, matches, etc.  Keep some cash on hand in case the computers go down or you can’t get to the bank.  Depending where you live, you might consider an emergency radio—the type where you crank it to get power.  Keep extra toilet paper on-hand.  Keep an extra month’s supply of medications on-hand, just in case.  Think about whatever else you cannot live without, and keep it on-hand. Have a few good books waiting.  Chances are the time period will be much less than a month, but it is always good to be prepared.  If it happens to you, treat it like a vacation from your life, and enjoy some quiet time with yourself.



Jim Self spoke during his first session about the need to know where we have come from to understand what is happening now.  In particular, he traced the history of money and finance.  It was a fascinating look at why we are in the financial ruin we are in, and what the probable outcomes will be.  Very briefly, the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank is a private corporation and not run by the government.  At the end of WWII, the USD became the standard currency where the money was backed by gold.  Continued printing of money in the USA made foreign countries nervous, so they wanted to be paid in gold instead of dollars.  In the early 1970’s, the USA went off the gold standard (because they ran out of gold), and the USD was backed by oil and gas—Saudi Arabia, but not Iran.  All those Iranian invasions now make sense!

Well, the USA kept printing more and more money, the debt kept climbing.  China has been the biggest buyer of US bonds for decades, which has been financing the US economy, but they have now said they will no longer be buying US bonds.  The deal with Saudi Arabia is coming to an end.  The US is now frantically exploiting all gas/oil exploration on American soil to keep the dollar from being worthless.  The fall out over the last years has been the housing crisis, slowed down economy, and more.  See the news for details.

Well, a very, very brief version from my notes.  Jim described a much bigger picture with details on deficits, etc.  There were times I was so fascinated I stopped taking notes!  He did predict that if things keep going the way they are, China will become the new currency standard.

In the second session, Jim talked about practical steps that we as emerging 3D humans can do to fully step into 5D.  We cannot take our baggage with us on this journey.  We need to fully activate our light body.

Can you manage your thoughts?  Can you choose consciously?  It is much easier to do if you are in present time and can observe, choose and act.  The rational mind likes to keep us safe, and wants us to fit in.  If you don’t like your experience, then change your thoughts and emotions, and you will change your experience.  If people are in a flap, hold your space quietly and let them talk.  Don’t buy into their drama—it is theirs, not yours.

Jim took us through a “staying present” meditation where we took a thought and then created that emotion.  I am capable.  I am certain.  I like myself.  I am commanding of my presence.  I am happy.  I am senior in my body, in who I am.  I am powerful.  I am gracious.  One-by-one, we held the thought and created the emotion in our body.  Then we blended them together in threes—holding that vibration.  That was our platform in 5D from which we then go throughout our day.  Lower energies, fear, worry, etc. cannot exist with these higher energies.

He spoke about the 12D earth which was originally created to hold the Christed light.  He spoke about “the fall” and how we lost that Christed nature.  To get back to the 12D “Adam Cadman” body, there needs to be a joining of our physical body, our mental body, our etheric body, our causal body and as they occurs we then can access the 8th, 9th, 10th, 11, and 12 chakras.

We did an exercise where he led us in activating our 4th and 5th chakras with the thymas gland to create one frequency.  Then we activated our 6th chakra, pineal gland and the madula oblangata and created another frequency to go with the first set.  Then we activated the 7th and 8th chakras with the soul star, to create a third frequency to go with the previous 2 sets.  I felt my physical body jerk as I energized each of the three connections which then tie into the unified field.

Session 6 with Jim had these notes:  Balance is in the now moment.  Where is your attention point?  Strive for a fully activated light body.  Change your thoughts and emotions to a new attention point.  In 5D, every action is an application for something you want.  Words and emotions become the action in the next moment.  We did another round of thoughts/emotions to further anchor the 5D platform from which we will continue each day from.



It is very interesting that the various astrological squares balance each other out when it comes to positive and negative influences.  But the power of FOUR of them will make for big upheaval in the world—-as if we haven’t already seen a lot these past 5 years or so.  I am intrigued.  I am also making my preparations by clearing the old out of my life.  Whatever no longer resonates with me will have to go.

I am focused on maintaining the 5D energetic state.  A few minutes every morning creating the platform of 5D using those thoughts/emotions should carry me in a balanced way throughout my day.  I think I will redo the light body activation weekly, just to keep it front and centre in my life.

I have come out of these two days with great peace of mind, and a serenity of purpose that feels very good on me.  Thank you to Dr. Doug, Geoff, Jim, Linda, and the whole team!  Bless you.



Government of Canada – Emergency Preparedness Guide

Mastering Alchemy – How You Choose In A Changing World

Awakening Zone Radio Show – The Year of the Great Unraveling with Jim Self, Dec 19, 2013
According to international teacher, speaker and author Jim Self, what once seemed unthinkable is now a looming reality—America’s star is rapidly waning, the world’s global power structure is tilting to the East, China is no longer buying US debt, and the future of oil, gold, and petro dollars is becoming more and more uncertain.  If that fills you with anxiety or panic, be aware that, actually, all is very much in order. For the long-awaited “shift of the ages” is now well and truly in progress, and while its erosion of every facet of life that we used to believe in and rely on is unnerving for many, the truth is that the only foundations that are shaking, are those that have become so unbalanced as to be completely out of kilter with where we are heading.

As we continue our transition from the 3rd to the 5th dimension the old 3-D world of inequality, competition, restriction, entitlement, reaction and fear that we have all experienced will give way to a 5th dimensional state of wellbeing, cooperation, respect and freedom.  2014 is the year of the “great unraveling”—the fall of the American Empire will bring about the demise of domination as well as the rise of human consciousness, and life on planet Earth will never be the same again.


The Beacons of Light – Re-minders from Home January 2014


Integration Through Breathing with Dr. Norma Delaney


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Lee Carroll channels KRYON – Message for 2014, Jan 11, 2014

Dimensions – 3rd, 4th, 5th and counting


In spiritual circles, there is always talk about dimensions, and the claim that higher dimensions are more desirable.  Well, as you know, dimensions are just dimensions, and we put our own labels and valuation on them based on our belief systems.  Here I want to explore the dimensions.  Come along for the ride.


Dimensions are measurable items.  Owen Waters describes it beautifully in The 12 Dimensions of Creation, and identifies the following dimensions:

Space (length, breadth, height)
Energy (etheric, magnetic, electric)
Consciousness (father creator, mother creator, templates for infinite universes)

When spiritual people talk about dimensions, they are talking about the various dimensions of thought, feeling, energy and consciousness.  Often the word “vibration” is used to refer to the interrelationship of these four dimensions, because this combination creates a measurable vibration that is sent out and the universe responds through the Law of Reflection.

Our spiritual journey is about mastering our own energy (created through thought, attitude, and feeling).  Our thoughts and attitudes can change our feelings.  Our journey is about being conscious of our life, how we live it, and how we create our reality.  We create through thought and feeling and the vibration/energy that is created as a result.  Basic spiritual physics.

LIVING THOUGHT. SOURCE: http://www.mike-ohare.com/reincarnation/

There are millions of dimensions.  Every thought that anyone has ever had has created a dimension.  When many people have the same thought, the dimension becomes more stable, more permanent to our limited life-span senses.  Each thought creates a vibration.  Vibration is measurable—from slow to fast, and different ranges of vibration are loosely grouped into a dimension.  The millions upon millions of vibrations that we live with today are mostly third dimension vibrations.  But, we can also live in higher vibrational states called fourth dimension, or even fifth dimension.  Of course, when you are surrounded by millions of 3D vibrations, living in those higher states are more difficult.  That is why monks used to sequester themselves away—to hold that higher vibration/light.  Not that it worked that well, but that is another story!

The new age movement has inspired hundreds of thousands of people to try to live in those higher vibrational/dimensional states, and as a result are creating a more stable, permanent dimension that makes it easier for others to attain.   So what are these thoughts and attitudes that create higher states?  Over the years, there are many spiritual teachers and leaders who have identified key elements of each dimension–the thoughts, attitudes and feelings of the higher dimensions.  Let us look at them now.

-belief in lack
-belief in limitations
-relationships are conditional
-linear time only
-always and never, nothing in between
-live by reacting to present time events, not acting on own initiative
-living unconsciously
-need to fit in, not stand out, be like others
-right or wrong, good or bad
-rational mind rules the self (its two functions – keep you safe and have you fit in.)
-negative self beliefs  (“I’m not okay.”)
-unconscious beliefs
-unconscious actions (i.e.  automatically driving)
-mass consciousness
-suppression, domination and slavery

SOURCE: http://quaddimension.blogspot.ca/

-astral space
-active dreams with fear (nightmares)
-present time (now)
-the more present time you achieve the better you can breathe and the more conscious you become
-how you experience yourself right now
-you can choose
-ability to observe self
-awareness of your soul and able to tap its wisdom periodically
-able to choose how you wish things would unfold
-you give yourself permission to open your mouth
-you give yourself permission to state what you want
-you give yourself permission to have hopes, dreams and wishes
-you give yourself permission to simply start to take charge
-less engaged with others and more at peace

Many spiritual seekers move from third to fourth dimension and have a greater awareness of self and others.  They start to consciously create their life, and tap their soul’s wisdom.  They are living both 3rd and 4th dimensions at the same time, leaving some 3rd dimensional attributes behind and gaining some 4th dimensional attributes.

Part of our evolution is creating a fourth dimensional platform of certainty and command.  This gives you the ability to define your boundaries, to be able to observe what’s going on in the world around you and then choose the action that allows for the best expression of you. This also gives you the ability to allow your rational mind to go through it’s convoluted thinking process, but you can sit back and observe it—and make a choice whether you will go along with your mind or not (observer role).

Some 4th dimension attributes and feelings are:

The 4th dimension is a stepping stone to the 5th dimensional vibrations, and not the goal.  Those spiritual seekers who are moving forward are now incorporating more and more 5th dimensional  attributes, leaving more the the 3rd dimensional attributes behind.  It is an evolution of consciousness.

soul/spirit integrated with your human body
think and perceive with the heart (not the mind)
act from the wisdom of the soul
understanding comes from heart not the mind

SOURCE: http://www.lovewithoutend.com

Our spirit or soul is a part of us, but such a small part of it is integrated into our physical body.  As we move into higher dimensional vibrations, more of our spirit/soul can come in.  As this happens, the role of the rational mind changes to one of serving the heart.  The book Love Without End – Jesus Speaks by Glenda Green has a large section that explains the relationship of heart and mind, and clarifies the roles.

As you incorporate more of the 5th dimensional thoughts and feelings, you start to create your life from within yourself.  You will come into a space of awareness where you will know yourself from sets of feelings and alignments that your mind will not understand.  You will just know. You won’t question.  You won’t have fear or doubt.  You will make choices from your own knowingness.

Another thing that happens is that you will start to lose your memory.  In fact, you will lose all those thoughts you have had about yourself that weren’t yours to begin with.  The comments of parents, teachers, preachers, peer group, etc. will lose their hold on your subconscious, and fall away.  You won’t even remember that you once had those thoughts because you will have forgotten.  If you have taken one of their comments and created a belief structure around it, it will take a little longer to let go of, but it too will go over time.  In truth, you are forgetting who you are not!

Think with the heart, act from the wisdom of the soul.


To create a pattern of 5th dimensional living for yourself, choose any three feelings from the list below and FEEL those feelings.  No thinking the feeling, no willing the feeling.  Just relax, breathe and feel any three feelings from the list.  Think of them as three sides of a triangle.  Feel them separately, one after another.  Then combine them—feel any two feelings, then go back to single feelings, then combine them again, then combine all three feelings at once.  When you are done, stay in those feelings for as long as you can.  As you do this daily, you will find it easier and easier to stay in those feelings.

Every day, choose a different set of feelings, or you can do multiple sets in one day.

Here is the list:  happy, certain, capable, pleased with yourself, significant, radiant, gracious, elegant, freedom, certain, senior (seniority – who I am – senior in the body – this is mine – I’m the owner), powerful, commanding of your presence (no force, just elegance), physical beauty, physical balance, physical integration.

The interesting thing about these words is they start to form a radiance of light, a certainty, a commanding presence.  It’s the seniority. It’s the ownership. It’s the energy that allows everything to be contained in your field. This is who you are.  You are commanding of your presence.  You live there, and you live in graciousness and kindness and respect and appreciation and gratitude and dignity and humility, and you simply are admired by every other being that there is, as you admire every other being. That’s who you are.

This is the 5th dimension.  When you are in this feeling, lower dimension feelings (fear, lack, etc) cannot exist, and therefore cannot affect you.


Love Without End
Infinite Being
Crimson Circle
Mastering Alchemy

First Steps To Spiritual Mastery

I was recently speaking to someone who is new to living their spiritual path in a conscious way.  I shared with her some of the techniques I used at the beginning of my journey that worked well for me, and I thought I would also share them with you.


Meditation is essential as the beginning of the spiritual path because it helps you to identify your thinking and train your mind to stillness.  Once you have mastered this, your need to meditate will decrease, although many enjoy continuing to meditate.  Your life will become a living meditation, invoking the stillness of mind and feelings, choosing how you wish to live and create in the world around you.

What happens over time is that you learn to quiet the mind in such a way that it understands it’s place as the servant of the heart.  Feelings that you experience will take the place of the constant chatter of the mind.  At first your feelings will be in a turmoil because you are new at dealing with them.  But in a short period of time you will come to live your stillness, and the turmoil of thoughts and emotions will fade away.  From the place of stillness within, you will then be able to live your life more joyfully.

If you are finding stillness hard to find, use a mind focused meditation or what is often called a guided meditation.  I used the meditations at the end of each chapter of The Magic Words by U.S. Anderson.  Not only are they great short meditations to read aloud each day, but they are full of great truth and wisdom which will help your spiritual journey.  Over time, doing these meditations will pave the way to allow you to just be with yourself during meditation time.

Here is the first meditation in the book Three Magic Words.  The instructions are as follows:

“When you meditate, you must be alone.  You must have a place of quiet and solitude, undisturbed by other voices or the movements of other people.  You must set your mind at rest, forgetting for the moment all cares and problems and people.  You must let go—let go of everything you know except self.

When you feel calm and peaceful, you will know that you are in contact with the Universal Mind.  Then, and only then, speak the meditation aloud.  But don’t simply speak it.  Understand it, feel it, project it.  It will manifest for you in actuality.”

I know that I am pure spirit, that I always have been, and that I always will be.  There is inside me a place of confidence and quietness and security where all things are known and understood.  This is the Universal Mind, God, of which I am a part and which knows the answer to all of my problems, and even now the answers are speeding their way to me.  I needn’t struggle for them; I needn’t worry or strive for them.  When the time comes, the answers will be there.  I give my problems to the great mind of God; I let go of them, confident that the correct answers will return to me when they are needed.  Through the great law of attraction, everything in life that I need for my work and fulfillment will come to me.  It is not necessary that I strain about this, only believe.  For in the strength of my belief, my faith will make it so.  I see the hand of divine intelligence all about me, in the flower, the tree, the brook, the meadow.  I know that the intelligence that created all these things is in me and around me and that I can call upon it for my slightest need.  I know that my body is a manifestation of pure spirit and that spirit is perfect; therefore my body is perfect also.  I enjoy life, for each day brings a constant demonstration of the power and wonder of the universe and myself.  I am confident.  I am serene.  I am sure.  No matter what obstacle or undesirable circumstance crosses my path, I refuse to accept it, for it is nothing but illusion.  There can be no obstacle or undesirable circumstance to the mind of God, which is in me, and around me, and serves me now.

I always said them three times before bed.  I had this things about doing things in three’s back then.


Whenever I needed to get back to my center, to feeling good, to negating negative reactions to people and situations, I used to say this sentence in groups of three.  Three times (or 6, or 9, or 12) I would repeat this until I found my way back to myself.

“I invoke the light of Christ within.  I am a clear and perfect channel.  Light is my guide.”

“I invoke the light of Christ within.  I am a clear and perfect channel.  Light is my guide.”

“I invoke the light of Christ within.  I am a clear and perfect channel.  Light is my guide.”

Repeat until you find your balance, your center, your place of oneness with yourself, or until you ‘feel good’.


a.   Stand in front of the mirror, and look yourself in the eye.  Say out loud:  “(Your Name), I love you.  You are a worthwhile human being and I love you.”

b.   Say this 10 times each day. (Do you find yourself looking away?  How comfortable are you looking at yourself?  Can you love yourself?)

c.     Over time you may want to add things like, “(Your Name), I love you.  You are a beautiful, thin, sexy, hot, fabulous, smart, (etc) human being, and I love you.”

d.    Change it up, but say this out loud to yourself every day—10 times.  Feel it.  Have fun with it!  Be joyful.

e.    Journal any feelings that come up when you do this.

How To Heal Yourself

Diseases fall into two main categories:  one is hereditary diseases, and the other is regular diseases that aren’t hereditary.  Hereditary diseases occur when you take on familial karma.  We won’t go into detail of that here, but the solution of how to heal yourself does apply to all disease.

Dis-ease is the result of your frequency (energy, vibration) being out of balance with who you are.  This occurs when we don’t listen to our inner voice, and follow the promptings of our heart.  Often, the job we have, the stress in our lives, family situations and so forth set up a vibration that is not in keeping with who we really are.  That dischord causes us to become out of  balance, and eventually become sick.

When we go to see a spiritual healer, they bring us a balanced energy to act as a template for us to get back into balance.  A healer cannot heal us—they just bring us the energy so we can heal ourselves.  If we go back to our life, with the same dischord, it is difficult to hold that balanced state.  When we go to a Doctor, they give us a prescription for some medication that does the same thing that a healer does—it gives a vibration to bring our body back into alignment.  The main difference is that the medication is then taken daily or multiple times a day, and your body often goes back into balance as a result, and then you no longer need the prescription.  We don’t go to see a healer every day, or even multiple times a day.  Usually the body needs anywhere from a week to a month to find it’s way back to balance and to keep it.  Chronic illnesses, which are usually karmic, do not fall into this category.

Modern medicine is great.  Many proponents of natural healing won’t go to see a medical Doctor.  I totally disagree with this.  Unless you have a high state of consciousness and are able to manipulate your body, you really can’t heal yourself.  You CAN learn how to do this over time, and during that time you should be at your medical Doctor doing everything you can.  Usually what happens is we get sick—really sick, and it scares us into the life we should be living.  We turn to healers and natural medicine and learn it’s ways, and when we do, we can heal ourselves.  If you understand the oneness of the universe,  you will understand there is a place for both modern and holistic medicine.  Modern medicine can solve a lot a health issues.  Holistic medicine can augment the changes in your attitude and perception, and as a result, you make changes in your life which bring you health.


Abraham – The Cure To All Illness Is Your Vibrational Alignment – 1 of 2
Abraham – The Cure To All Illness Is Your Vibrational Alignment – 2 of 2

Perspective: 3-D or Multi-dimensional?

Mankind’s experience on earth started with a three dimensional experience.  Through spiritual awakening, we are able to experience a more multi-dimensional experience.  What, exactly, does this look like to our every day life?

The human experience has some common factors, and we can experience it from a 3-D perspective or a multi-dimensional perspective.  If we live a conscious life, are present in the now moment, we can choose which way we want to experience life.  If we are unconscious, we default to a 3-D perspective.

SEPARATION is a core attribute of the human condition.  We have the experience of feeling separated from others.  Within us, we long for some connection that we can’t define, and project it into our relationships, into our work, into our clubs, into our churches, and so forth.  It manifests as the need to be “saved” by Jesus, aliens, the lottery, or the perfect mate.  Separation is an illusion that we choose to experience.  Separation occurs when you perceive everything through the mind.  To shift to a more multi-dimensional experience, learn to perceive and experience through your heart.  It is through your heart that your connection to Home, to the divine, to your true self really happens.  Working through your heart opens you up to greater awareness, the feeling of belonging and being a part of something grander—which you are.  Separation or wholeness–both are experiences that you have the power to choose every day.

Awareness of SELF is another attribute of being human.  Self, self doubt, self discovery, self awareness, self understanding, self realization.  This is the human journey.  Various belief structures and philosophies teach to deny the self.  Denying the self anchors you more firmly in 3-D.

Self is a precious gift from Spirit (your Spirit) that will not be denied.  It is who you are!  Embrace it, explore it, and most importantly, love who you are.  Nurture your spirit.  A more multi-dimensional perspective is recognizing that you have a unique identity within the Oneness, and that your awareness of Self will be with you through all time.  When you do this, you become more present in the now moment, and start to live a more conscious life.  When you live more consciously, you can start to consciously create your life.  That is when the good stuff really begins.  Life becomes more synchronistic, has an easier flow, and greater joy comes into your life.

Another attribute of the human condition is DUALITY, and it is expressed many ways—right and wrong, God and Satan, Ying and Yang.  We view the world through judgment of whether others are with us, or against us.  We want others to think like us, be like us, act like us, dress like us.  Conformity.  If some have it better, we think they should be sharing it with those who don’t so we can all be the same.  This is duality in action, and something we are choosing to experience.

A more multi-dimensional approach is to recognize that everything just IS, until we put a label on it.  There is just experience until we judge it.  We have such a small perspective on our life, that we never realize the bigger picture—so why judge it?  How many times has something happened that you hated, only to realize a few months later it was the best thing that ever happened to you?  We put a judgment on it, beat ourselves up because of it, and later realize that it was a blessing.  A multi-dimensional approach suspends judgment, accepts what happens, and lets you move on in your life.  It supports the nurturing of SELF, and the understanding that there is no SEPARATION.

GUILT is another attribute of the human condition.  Guilt.  Sin.  Call it what you will, but we all have it.  It pops up at the oddest times, and for reasons that we do not always understand.  In the 3-D world, we cover it up through bluster, through judging others, and a variety of other acts that take the attention away from ourselves so we don’t have to face that in ourselves.  We feel guilt because we don’t feel worthy.  We feel guilt because of things we have done to others–intentionally and unintentionally.

A more multi-dimensional approach stems from recognizing that there is no reason to feel guilt.  We are here on earth to have experience.  When we are young, and don’t experience life the way the adults think we should be experiencing life, we learn guilt.  Schools, family groups, etc. all conspire to have us conform, yet our Spirit yearns to express, to have experiences, to grow in new ways.  As an adult and a conscious being, you have the choice to discover SELF, develop a relationship with your spirit so you no longer feel SEPARATION, and release DUALITY thinking so you can experience without GUILT.

Another attribute of being human is SUFFERING.  So 3-D!  We believe so strongly in suffering.  We allow ourselves to suffer needless by reliving past events in our minds.  We suffer and suffer, and There Is No Reason for this.  We feel we are unworthy, and that by suffering we will somehow become worthy.  Buddhism’s central teaching is the exploration of suffering.  It is deeply embedded in human consciousness, and we bring it into our lives regularly.  Sometime we hang on to suffering because it validates our life.  “If I am suffering, at least I am alive.”  We hang on to being a victim and suffering allows us to get attention from others for the suffering we have endured.

A more multi-dimensional approach is to recognize that suffering serves NO purpose and it is time to release that paradigm from your consciousness.  Next time you are suffering, ask yourself, “Why am I choosing that?”  When you release suffering, you open yourself up to joy, happiness, and allow great opportunities into your life.

SALVATION is another human attribute that is firmly anchored in 3-D.  We look to others to save us from ourselves, our life.  We look to God, Jesus, aliens, gurus, teachers, spouses, the lottery, money, wealth and a variety of other things to save us from our everyday life.  Salvation will never come from an outside source.

A more multi-dimensional perspective of salvation comes when we recognize that we are God also.  We are children of God, little ‘godlings’ learning to create our life consciously.  When we take responsibility for our life and what we have created, we take the first steps toward Salvation.  Salvation really is acceptance of yourself and your journey.

When you work through the various stages of shifting your perception from 3-D to multi-dimensionalism, you come to the realization that you are a divine being, inhabiting a physical body, having experiences, playing with energy, and creating your life on your terms.  Through this process you become in alignment with your spirit, and goodness flows into your life on many levels.  No longer will there be struggles or suffering–just an allowing of the goodness of life which is your birthright.


The 3-D perception occurs through the mind.  A multidimensional perspective occurs when you connect to your life through your heart.  Then you start to remember who and what you are.  You become aware of spirit’s connection to you.  Only the heart can process the multi-dimensional perspective, since much of the experiences are beyond what the mind can process or understand.

Next time you find yourself firmly in your mind, visualize an orb of light from the third eye and drop it down to the heart centre.  The language of light cannot be read by the mind, only the heart.  Perceiving life through the heart is the creative filter that allows you connection to source energy.  Basically you are using the mind with the heart centre, instead of just the mind.  The subtle frequencies of creative energy can only come through the heart.  Observe how you process things—through the mind?  through the heart centre?  Be conscious in the moment, and experience the heart

Thinking about the past or future is being in the mind.  Being present in the moment is being in the heart.

At first we move from the mind perspective to the heart perspective and back again.  Over time, we will live more in the heart perspective, if that is what we choose.  As we move into the heart perspective, our vibration will change until we fully cross over into a multi-dimensional perspective.  At that point our frequency will have shifted, and we are truly living in the moment—no thoughts of the past or future unless you make a conscious effort to think in either of those directions.

When we are in the heart, we can’t always process things through the mind.  We have an inner knowing, concepts and ideas that the mind cannot express because the mind has no language for it.  It just IS, and you KNOW it, but have no idea WHAT it is because the mind cannot grasp it.  This can trigger your control issues, your trust issues, your fears, and make you feel uncomfortable.  If this happens, acknowledge it, see how it has served your, and identify why you’ve created those issues in the first place.  This will shift your perception and allow you to integrate (let go of judgment).

The mind will find this very complicated.  Life remains more of a challenge as a result.  The more time you spend in your heart, the easier it becomes to connect to source energy, to your creative self, to your guides, to your own spirit or higher self.  The result of this is greater intuition, and a more synchronistic life.

Healing The Past

An unhealed past will dictate your future.  It will keep you on a linear path, without expansion.  You will remain within Karma, your choices dictated by the energy of the past that is unresolved.

When the past is still imbalanced
When the past is still wounded
It sets up the potentials you have to choose from
in this moment and the next
it sets up a rigid railroad track
and it almost HAS to follow unless you are ready
to get off those dimensions.

In this now moment
Bless.  Have compassion for and release
everything about the past.
A great volume of energy is then set free to serve you.

All energy seeks balance
seeks to serve you
flows out of your past imprisonment
into the bubble for your future potentials.

Everything changes.

The amount of potential for your
next moment
next experience
expands on a quantum basis.

An exponential expansion of potential ‘railroad tracks’ to choose from.

Want To Change The World??

I get so tired of people complaining about the world, the people in it, and so forth.  It irritates me, and I find that I really cannot express why.  Usually the complaints are because the world is not fair or the way they think it should be.  Usually I say things like, “Let people live the way they want to live” or “Why do you care what someone else is doing?” or a variety of other statements that always comes short of expressing what I am really feeling.

THIS VIDEO says everything I’ve always wanted to express, but never had the words for.  Instead of trying to get the world to align with how you think it should be, the focus should be on aligning yourself with your dream.  Ah, but that means being present in one’s life, and consciously living life. Listening is well worth 3 minutes of your time here on planet earth!

Psychic vs Clairvoyance

One of the questions I regularly get in my classes is “what is the difference between a psychic and a clairvoyant?” There is a significant difference, and if you have ever had a reading from a clairvoyant and a reading from a psychic you will have noticed the difference in the type of information that is given.

The simple answer is:  a psychic reads energy that surrounds you here on the earth planes, and a clairvoyant gets communication from the deceased.  Of course, nothing is really THAT simple—we are talking about human beings after all—so a more comprehensive answer follows.

A psychic is someone who can attune their mind and body to your subtle energies and read it.  A psychic taps extrasensory perception (ESP), can pick up on your thoughts (through reading the energy your thoughts project), and often uses a physical medium (tarot cards, crystal ball, tea cup, etc) to help trigger the communication and help focus the energies.

A clairvoyant is actually a Spiritualist medium who is able to act as a connection between this world and the afterlife.  Clairvoyance is defined as “clear seeing” which is the ability to see in the mind’s eye people and things in another dimension.  Spiritualist mediums submit to a rigorous examination and are certified by the National Spiritualist Association of Churches (USA), the Spiritualists’ National Union (Britain), or other professional organizations. A clairvoyant is always psychic, and is also able to read the subtle energy fields and interpret the energy to give you a reading.

Usually, psychic readings focus on your earth life, and clairvoyant readings tend to focus on your spiritual path and the grander view of your life, as well as communication with deceased loved ones.

There are a few things you should be aware of.  Every human being “travels” the 4th dimensional energies during sleep.  This is part of the earth energies, or earth realms.  There is a place called Arcturus where we go to play out various scenarios to see if we want to bring them to life here on earth.  All those scenarios are out there, and sometimes a person who is reading you can tap into one or more of those scenarios and read it for you.  The problem is that you may have decided NOT to create that scenario here on earth, and they may be telling you it is your future.  Remember that you created that scenario, and it is made up of your energies, so the person reading you is actually reading your energy there.  The reading of the subtle energies is, well, subtle, and simple mistakes like that do occur.  Imagine, you have ten scenarios that you have played out, and have chosen to manifest one of them.  How will the psychic tell the difference?  Through the energies, of course, but the difference is very subtle.  A good reader will be able to see the right one.

Another major consideration is that every reader sees energy THROUGH their own energy.  What I mean by this is that if I look at you, I see you through my beliefs, my perceptions, my experiences, my energy.  The job of a reader is to attain a neutral state so that the personal gets neutralized, and the reader only gives the information they get—without projecting themselves into it.  This requires mastery of the ego and the mind.

There are many different classifications of clairvoyance. C.W. Leadbeater, in his book Clairvoyance, first published in 1899, classifies clairvoyance into:
Simple clairvoyance:  full
Simple clairvoyance:  partial
Clairvoyance in Space:  intentional
Clairvoyance in Space: Semi-intentional
Clairvoyance in Space:  Unintentional
Clairvoyance in Time:  The Past
Clairvoyance in Time:  The Future

William E. Butler classified clairvoyance into:
Psychological clairvoyance
Spatial clairvoyance
Astral clairvoyance
True spiritual clairvoyance

Nandor Fodor classified clairvoyance into:
X-ray clairvoyance – ability to see inside closed objects or behind walls
Medical clairvoyance – ability to see illness and read auras to detect disease
Traveling clairvoyance (remote viewing) – seeing people and events at a great distance
Platform clairvoyance – demonstrating before an audience or in a séance room.

On a final note, most people group all of the “clair” gifts into clairvoyance.  They are really separate gifts, and, for example, most people have some clairsentience (see definition below), but don’t have other “clair” gifts unless they are developed.  Psychics tend to have a strong clairsentience ability and use that in their readings.

Clairsentience – psychic perception of sights, sounds, smells, tastes, emotions and physical sensations
Clairgustance (also known as clairaliance)- smelling of scents coming from other dimensions
Clairaudience – clear hearing; ability to hear sounds and voices from other dimensions
Clairvoyance – clear seeing; ability to see in the mind’s eye people and things in other dimensions


The Tobias Material: Divine Human Series – Shoud 7: The Illusion of Power (references to Arcturus)
Esoteric Library – The Arcturian Corridor: About Arcturus
The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch by Dr. J.J. Hurtak, Ph.D.



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When a person develops an interest in spirituality, and starts to explore, they are exposed to all manner of odd things.  There are psychics and clairvoyants (there is a difference), healers, aliens, the fairy world and so much more.  Millions of websites, everyone with their own perspective.  What’s an honest, curious person to believe?

I tell the students of my spiritual classes—don’t believe anything you read or hear—including what I teach you!  Discover your own truth.  Take everything as “an opinion” and develop your own truth based on your experiences.  Discover the truths within what people tell you.  Personal and subjective belief is far superior to following an external belief system proposed by others.

Be discerning!  Discernment is usually defined as exhibiting keen insight, sound judgment, and clear understanding.  How does one do that when everything is new?  Read, study, and learn.  Take things with a grain of salt, smile and enjoy the journey.

Here is my book list for the spiritual seeker:
Three Magic Words by U.S. Anderson (if I had to recommend only one book, this would be it)
Tao to Earth by Jose Stevens, Ph. D.
Living In The Light:  A Guide to Personal and Planetary Transformation by Shakti Gawain
Love Without End–Jesus Speaks by Glenda Green
The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz
Energy Anatomy by Caroline Myss
The Creator Series:  New Tools For Our Spiritual Journey by Geoffrey Hoppe