February 21, 2018

Exploring Hopi Prophecy

Book of the Hopi by Frank Waters, Viking Press (1963)

The Hopi Prophecies were first published in 1963 in the Book of the Hopi by Frank Waters.  Waters tell us that:

“What they tell us is the story of…their emergences from previous worlds.”

“It is a world view of life…whose esoteric meaning they have kept inviolate for generations uncounted.”

“It is a mytho-religious system … as complex, abstract, and esoteric as any in the world.”

According to the Hopi tradition, we are leaving the 4th age of man, and are in the transition into the 5th age of man.  The nine (9) prophecies that are most spoken of today revolve around the 9 prophecies that lead up to the transition into the 5th age of man.  Eight of the nine prophecies are fulfilled, and there is much speculation on whether the ninth has revealed itself yet.  In addition, there are many differing opinions on the interpretation of the ninth prophecy.



The following video gives you an overview of the nine prophecies of the Hopi.


This video gives the details of the ninth prophecy.

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