February 21, 2018

Expressing Myself

This site is dedicated to my passions, which has lead me to teach classes, workshops, and give private lessons.  I love to teach music and spirituality, and you can find my expressions on this site.  Oh, and I am an author, playwright, and bookkeeper too!  How’s that for a combination!  lol  I guess I should also mention my bridal industry websites, and web design/internet marketing company.

MUSIC is a passion which saw me performing, and recording music for a long time.  I was in bands, trios, duos, and I did solo work as a vocalist and organist/pianist.  (I play some guitar also.)  I wrote arrangements for choir and brass ensembles while I was Choir Director.  I spent some time as a studio musician doing vocal work for songwriters recording demo, and of course, I did some recording of my own work.  I’ve been writing songs since 1976, and in the mid 2000’s, I started to teach Songwriting through the City of Winnipeg Leisure Guide Program.  I did that for six years.  During that time I was also a member of the Manitoba Audio Recording Industry Association’s (M.A.R.I.A.) Songwriting Committee.  Today, I work with Songwriters on a consulting basis, and teach songwriting classes in different communities as the opportunities arise.  I also teach theory, voice, and keyboards.

PLAYS became a way to express my creativity when I was involved with the Sunday School Christmas Children’s Program.  For six years, my friend and I wrote and produced Children’s Christmas Programs.  The first few years we collaborated on everything, and then we hit a creative flow while she sourced new Christmas music and I wrote the plays.  It was a very creative and joyful time.  During our final year doing the Christmas Program, the Pastor told me that the play See You At The Manager was one of the best Christmas Programs he had ever seen.  It is since been performed in other churches, and is for sale on this site.

SPIRITUALITY has been a lifelong pursuit to understand the meaning of “life, the universe and everything else.”It has been a process of free-form study and classes, and today I am a non-denominational minister.  In my time at The Sanctuary in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, I led meditations and was asked to teach many of the things I had learned over the years.  As a result, I have a series of classes that I teach which are listed on this site.  In addition, I am certified to teach other classes.  I have written a little booklet which is very popular at the Mind, Body, Spirit Shows which you can have for free.  I love to teach this material, and I will happily travel to teach to small or large groups.  Give me a call.

BOOKKEEPING doesn’t seem like it belongs in this list of creative pursuits, but I love bringing order to chaos!  I always had an affinity for math and accounting, and I breezed through accounting courses in high school and college, and today my software of choice is Simply Accounting.  My sister-in-law and I work with small business owners to get their books in order, and do their bookkeeping.  Source Deductions, GST, Payroll Tax—we can take care of it.  My time at H&R Block doing income tax has given me a good understanding of all the deductions that business owners should be claiming on income tax, and I ensure my clients have this information.  Give us a call.

 BRIDAL INDUSTRY websites?  I have a few.  I am a wedding planner, certified with the Wedding Planners Institute of Canada.  I sell wedding favours, wedding decorations, and so forth.  These products also work really well for wedding anniversaries, and seasonal parties.  For example, I sell a lot of unique winter wedding favors at Christmas time for company staff parties.  There are also other seasonal favours that are available for various holiday times during the year.

IMdesigns.ca is my portal to the world of website design and internet marketing which is a business of mine.  I love it.  I work with a few other experts in the field, depending upon the size of the jobs that comes my way.  My specialization is to use open source content and customize it for our clients.  This allows the customer to then maintain the site themselves for years to come.  I teach them how to use the site so they can do it themselves.  As I say, “If you can make a word document, you can make a page on your website.”  I believe easy is better.