February 21, 2018

Funny Thing Happened When I Put On My Socks……

PREAMBLE:  My friend Skyped me the previous evening to chat.  Let’s call her Barb.   Barb and I  talked about life, relationships, and things going on in our lives.  During this conversation, Barb talked about her recently ended relationship with, let’s call him Charlie, and the potential of moving a long-term friendship with a man, let’s call him Donald, into a more intimate relationship.  In conclusion, Barb decided that she did not want this because of Donald’s past alcoholism, and issues the he has with his ex-family.

The next morning while getting ready for work, I was focusing my spirit for the day ahead, and with one deep breath came a ‘download’ of information about her situation.  Her situation was not at all on my mind that morning, I was thinking about the day ahead of me.  But with this information pouring in, I headed downstairs to communicate this to her via computer—whether she was there to read it or not.  As synchronicity would have it, she was there!

ME:  Hi, while sitting on my bed putting my socks on !!

ME:  breathing in this new perspective I’ve been working on
(I’ve been listening to ABRAHAM The Secret Behind the Secret featuring Esther & Jerry Hicks)

(I’m typing a long thing and then my roommate interrupted me)

Barb:  where did you go?

Barb: no response, lol….saw you writing

ME: that when you speak of Donald and his AA and his problem children, you are actually creating that experience with him—although you say that is why you don’t want to get involved with him, the universe doesn’t understand negatives, it only understands what we think and project into feeling.

ME: So, the spirit can create ANY kind of experience we choose to co-create

ME: and by putting him in that “box” of those problems, you are actually helping create those problems!! lol

ME: the spirit is so much bigger and powerful than the box we put ourselves in, the box we put others in

ME: OF COURSE  there is the earth perspective that there are patterns of behaviour and coping

ME: but we all have those.  It is just how we label them and how we react to those labels

ME: ok, that is my message from spirit this morning.

ME: lol

ME: ;)


ME: and here I thought I was just doing my breathing and putting on socks

ME: then this flood of info comes pouring in

BARB: so I feel on the verge of something

BARB: do you have a moment to push this a bit further with me

ME: I can make the time

BARB: thanks :)

BARB: so if I see Donald as having his AA and kids all in line and issues dealt with

BARB: it frees up me to have a different relationship with him?

ME: if you see and FEEL Donald as having AA and kids all in the line and issues dealt with you set the standard for that energy to occur

ME: and you help him co-create it

ME: then he needs to do this part

BARB: I am feeling like I fucked this up with Charlie

ME: Don’t even go there!

BARB: did I create the ending of my relationship with Charlie?

ME: he did by moving into the basement

ME: and not dealing with stuff he should have been dealing with

BARB: or did he create that too

ME: he brought that energy into your relationship—the energy of failure

ME: and you tried to hold him to a higher standard and he couldn’t get there

BARB: ok I need to hear that

BARB: that for some reason it was not all me

ME: no it was not all you—it was mostly him

BARB: well with Donald I know he has his AA thing dealt with

BARB: and his relationships with his kids are much better

ME: :)

ME: that is because he is better

ME: remember our relationships are a reflection of our relationship with ourselves

BARB: but how can I just ignore his past coping patterns of being in a bottle for over 25 years of his life

BARB: let alone not dealing with his emotions all his life

BARB: all I feel I have done since my marriage breakdown is deal with my emotions!

BARB: how can he be a reflection of that?

ME: his relationship with his children is a reflection of his relationship with himself

ME: as for being in the bottle

ME: well, consider how he might perceive your relationships for the past 25 years of your life

ME: you put up with a lot of emotional and mental abuse

ME: that is judgement

ME: and it is the past

ME: we only have the moment

ME: everything else is illusion

ME: really it is

ME: we just put so much weight to the past and future that we don’t have the energy to truly live the moment

ME: that’s why we don’t create so well sometimes—our energy isn’t here


ME: I wish I was there to give you a big hug

BARB: I don’t know what to do Angela……..

ME: excellent

BARB: why

ME: don’t do

ME: just be

ME: in the moment

ME: don’t plan the future

ME: let it unfold IN THE MOMENT

ME: look after yourself

ME: be the best that you can be

ME: (Now I sound like a commercial)  lol

BARB: no not at all

ME: in each moment

ME: that’s all that you need to do

ME: moment by moment

ME:  everything else is mind crap

BARB: ok

BARB: and if Donald wants to speak of the future

BARB: how do I handle it?

ME: bring him back to the moment

ME: “I can’t think that far ahead right now….”

ME: “Let’s just enjoy the moment….”

ME: that’s all there really is

ME: everything else is mind-crap

BARB: I am truly fearful of opening up intimacy with someone again

ME: yes, so am I

ME: but when we are fearful, that is where our growth lies

BARB: it’s like a flood gate of emotions come forward

ME: you are not your emotions

ME:  you experience emotions

ME: and you can experience different emotions


ME: you are creating them

ME: by where you put your thoughts , that makes emotions/feelings

ME: so, as grand creator, if you want to experience something, you focus on it and it fills you with the feeling

ME: or emotion

BARB: so if I put my focus on experiencing love, joy and happiness, ease of living and peace of mind, that is what I will create correct?

ME: yes

ME: but the question is:  can you stop your mind from cycling back to old thinking patterns?

ME: because if you can’t, you will re-energize those other thinking patterns

ME: and therefore create that

BARB: so what is the simplest most effective way of stopping my mind from cycling back to the old thinking patterns?

ME: I used to do this exercise:  go one month without a negative thought.   When a negative comes in, restart your month.

ME: Just breathe, and refocus

ME: did this back in the 80′s when I meditated all the time

ME: meditation also quiets the mind

ME: trains it to stop going full speed

ME: after about a month of trying, you actually start to live in this positive space all the time

ME: it is LIFE CHANGING what will occur!!

ME: look for the good in every situation, and if the situation has no good?  look at it with compassion for the soul who is choosing that experience

ME: practise living in that state

ME: that is really what this spiritual journey is about

ME: if you can do this, everything in your life will shift and you will no longer even recognize it

ME: and I don’t mean physically—people, situations, etc. all just keep getting better and better

ME: jobs get better

ME: friendships get better and more plentiful

ME: there is more joy

BARB: ok wow I can feel the energy already lighten up

ME: yeah, just do it for a month and see how it is!!

ME: you will laugh a lot and be very joyful

ME: I went back to the book that taught me this when I came up north (Three Magic Words by U.S. Anderson)

ME: and I’ve been doing those meditations now and again

ME: it still works like a charm

BARB: I listen to Lee Harris clips on You Are Love and it certainly changes my energy

ME: do you know this is my first winter without Seasonal Affective Disorder??? and I’m up north!!  Can you spell depression, children??


ME: no crying at all

ME: no sadness

ME: amazing!

BARB: why do you feel that is?

ME: because I am free within myself

ME: and I am living in this positive state as much as I humanly can

ME: a number of factors really

BARB: wonderful for you!!

ME: oh, I could complain (and sometimes do) about not losing weight, and my knees, etc., but I choose not to focus on the negative and I keep creating more positive

ME: created more money in the job I’m in!!
(got a $5/hr raise the previous day)

BARB: yes indeed

BARB: we do create this way

ME: anyway I need to go

BARB: ok lol

BARB: thanks honey

ME: have a great day!!

ME: (heart)

BARB: guess you got a download of information from spirit this morning

ME: oh yeah

ME: lol

BARB: wonderful!

ME: had to come straight to the computer to tell you whether you were here or not!! Lol

BARB: thank you so much!!

BARB: hey do you still go into AIPD each morning?
(AIPD – Anything Is Possible Dimension is an online group of spiritual people sharing their journey)

ME: I live in AIPD


ME: it’s energy is in my aura

BARB: that makes such a huge difference doesn’t it?

ME: yes, thank you for introducing me to it

BARB: you are welcome

ME: it is part of my multidimensional self.  :)

BARB: wonderful!

BARB: honestly I have not been going in as much as I most likely should now

BARB: Love you tons!

ME: Love you too.  See you in a couple weeks!!


BARB: Gosh it is close now!!

BARB: Huge hugs

BARB: xoxoxoxo

ME: just bring it into your aura and live there

ME: make it part of you, not separate from you

BARB: yes I know that

BARB: and it was each day for so long

ME: I gotta go

BARB: ok chat later

BARB: hugs

BARB: xoxoxxo

Please Note:  that we have been friends for many years, and have been talking spirit all that time.  We have our own shorthand when explaining concepts to each other, so if something isn’t making sense it is probably because the whole concept is not explained here—we know what the other is referring to.

About Angela

Angela Fiebelkorn is a non-denominational minister, and a New Consciousness Teacher affiliated with the Crimson Circle. She has been teaching classes on spirituality and metaphysics since 1996.


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    • Angela says:

      Yes, well, that was a text taken from a skype conversation. If you use skype, you will know that people type quickly because they are conversing, and many errors occur. It is like texting. As long as the person gets what you are saying, it is ok. When I write a post, I usually do a spell check, but really, this is my blog for fun. Not a school assignment!

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