February 21, 2018

Labelling Something Gives It Power Over You

On the road to Spiritual Mastery, one of the things we need to overcome is our need to label things.  Right. Wrong.  Good.  Bad.  These are all judgments which have nothing to do with reality—they are constructs of your mind.

For example.  You see a man walking down the street, and you think “Oh my, he is handsome.”  By making that judgment and putting a label called ‘handsome’ on him, you have just set in motion all your Belief Systems (BS) around handsome.

What does your BS around handsome include?  ‘Handsome men have lots of women after them, and men like that are unfaithful.’  ‘Handsome men are so hot, but they are lousy lovers.’  ‘Handsome men have good jobs.’  Depending upon your beliefs, you might think that you need to ‘catch his eye’ to feel good about your own self worth.  Only you know your own BS around what handsome is, and none of it is true about him.  You are projecting your beliefs onto him.  He is just a guy walking down the street—you know nothing about him.  Your expectations have nothing to do with him—it is an illusion of the ego.

Every Belief System (BS) has emotions attached to it, usually strong emotions, and these emotions trigger reactions in us.  There are many emotions, but if you take those emotions down to its core, you will find fear, guilt, shame, or feelings of inadequacy at the root.  Suddenly our BS has us trapped in a cycle of emotions that now drive us to our coping behaviour.  We react.  We might want to dominate the situation.  We might get suspicious.  We might retreat, hide and ignore it.  We might eat, drink, smoke, take drugs.  What do your Belief Systems trigger in you?

When we suspend judgment (and labels), and accept something at just face value, it has less power over us.  Because we have detachment, we don’t have a strong emotional reaction.  Often, we can just enjoy the situation without putting all kinds of expectations or beliefs around it.  Imagine sitting on the beach, watching the people walk by.  Can you admire them with the same detachment that you admire the ocean or the sunset?  By detachment, I don’t mean detachment from your feelings, but detachment from your BS. When you look at a sunset, you see the beauty of it, feel the timelessness, and so forth, but you (usually) don’t have a whole belief system around the sunset.  When you can respond to people and events with the same detachment as you have with the sunset, you will have true Spiritual Mastery.

The mind is very powerful.  Whatever you feel and believe is what  you will create.  The law of reflection will always respond to your feeling/beliefs by showing  you your BS.  If you catch the eye of Mr. Handsome, and have coffee with him, you may find yourself responding with self-doubt, or the need to conquer him sexually, or many other types of feelings.  This is the Law of Reflection in action—showing you where you are in your Self Mastery around Handsome.  Mastery is your acceptance and awareness of how Handsome makes you feel, and Mastery is choosing consciously how to respond to it—without limitations, without belief systems.

About Angela

Angela Fiebelkorn is a non-denominational minister, and a New Consciousness Teacher affiliated with the Crimson Circle. She has been teaching classes on spirituality and metaphysics since 1996.

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