February 21, 2018


Spirituality has always been a part of my life.  I grew up in a town surrounded by farms and about 1 hour from Winnipeg.  I spent most of my childhood outdoors in nature, and that will help keep one’s spirit clear.  I grew up in a Lutheran church and home, and God was a normal part of everyday life for me.  In my childhood innocence, I talked to God and expected Him to talk back to me—and He did through ideas, thoughts and feelings that gave me direction.  I often wondered off “alone” but there was always a presence with me that I talked to.  I called it God because that was the belief system of my upbringing.

My sensing ability was always strong.  I always knew things or trusted inner promptings that brought me to the ‘right place at the right time’.  I have many such experiences, as we all do.  Like the time my mom was in trouble holding up a collapsing table in the basement that had some expensive heavy equipment on it, and I just “happened” to come back to the house right when she had run out of options of try to save the situation alone.  I remember we were playing baseball in this open field behind our house, and I felt a need to run back to the house.  I had no reason.  There was no thought process.  There was no urgent need to go, I just had a feeling.  I always followed my feelings.  I said, “I’ll be right back” and ran to the house, calling my mom’s name when I arrived through the door.  Call it instinct, call it gut feeling, call it anything, but the key attribute of this situation was that I did not THINK about anything.  I just acted.  I believe this is our true state of spiritual mastery when we can live like this, but we are so caught up in the mind that we analyze things to death and never act.  Or we act after so much deliberation that we have slowed down the natural creative process of our life.  Anyway, she called me downstairs, I scooted under the table and propped up the legs that had become unhinged somehow.  My mom asked why I came back to the house because she said I never come back to the house in the afternoons.  I did not have a mind reason.  I remember mumbling something about having to go to the bathroom, but I didn’t really need to go. I was back outside playing with my friends within 60 seconds!

Another time that was quite telling was when we were sitting in Music class one day in high school, and I suddenly knew we were having a test in Health which was our next class.  The music teacher was out of the room, having given us an assignment, and we had about 20 minutes before the next class.  I opened my health text book and started to study.  My friends who were talking instead of doing the assignment noticed what I was doing and asked me what I was doing.  I said, “Studying for the Health test.”  They said, “There is no health test today.”  I just looked at them and said, “Yes there is”, and proceeded to review my scribbler and text book.  They discussed it amongst themselves and no one remembered being told there was going to be a health test.  Some of them started studying also.  Some did not.

Well, next class was Health, and the teacher says, “We are having a test today.”  The entire class didn’t know about the test.  We wrote the test and I did well.  Later, my friends questioned me as to how I knew we were going to be having a test that day.  I always maintained that the teacher told us that there would be test.  But thinking back to it, somehow I just knew there would be a test.  My mind said logically the only way I would know that is if the teacher told us.  No other explanation was in my experience.  So that was always my answer.  Today, I just know that I knew.  I don’t know how I knew.

I have had hundreds of thousands of experiences like this in my lifetime.  And so have you!  I am not “special” or “gifted” or any other words that people use for people like me.  I know that I trust and act on those feelings, ideas or thoughts that come my way.  I don’t analyze them.  I don’t wonder why, and question, and get into my mind about stuff.  If the feeling comes that I should should pack an extra shirt for my trip to Winnipeg, I do it.  I don’t think, “Why would I need that?”  and “Where did that thought come from?”  or any other thoughts.  I just grab another shirt, toss it in a bag and put it in the back seat of the car and carry on.  (I was SO thankful I trusted myself enough to act on that particular thought, but that is a long and hilarious story.)

We are all spirit inhabiting a human body on a journey of having new experiences on a place called earth.  We can deny or ignore that small, quiet voice that tells us right, wrong, watch for this, look at that, or we can think our way through our life, analyzing everything we do.  That small quiet voice is our spirit guiding us.  Some people call it God, some people call it Spirit Guides, some people call it Angels.  It doesn’t matter what we call it.  What matters is that we act when the small quiet voice or feeling shows up in our awareness.  This is called Trust In Self.

A few people were instrumental to my spiritual development.  One was a lady I worked with by the name of Jo.  I no longer remember her last name, but she was a Buddhist, and this just fascinated me.  She believed in reincarnation, and coming from a strong Christian background, it was shocking to me.  I had never met anyone who wasn’t a Christian before (oh, I was so young and naive).  We had a few discussions about it, but she didn’t like to talk about religion, so I started to read about.  I’d pick up books at the used book store, or the public library about Buddhism, and then starting reading about other religions.   This was before internet, and long before bookstores had sections like New Age or Occult or the many variations they have now.

After work, I used to go to a bar next door to where I lived to play Ms Packman and Centipede.  Table top video games.  Loved them.  I’d order two draft (beer) and play video games for three hours and then go home for supper.  There were a number of business men who also rushed over after work to get to the video games too—we always vied for our favourite game.  So we would sit there the four of us, play each other on the games and, sometimes get into conversation.

One particular fellow, whose name I don’t think I ever knew, was from England.  He had been married three times, owned property next door to Roger Daltry (swoon) in England, and was in Canada doing something with a new kind of contact lens he had invented.  We talked religion and played Centipede.  He was a Catholic and gave it up, and had strong views of the Catholic Church in Rome. He really inspired me to think about Christianity in a whole new way.  I kept reading and studying religion—this time focus was the history of Christianity.

Fast forward a few years.  I am at work in Real Estate at this time.  I am looking at the newspaper looking for For Sale By Owner to do some cold calls, when I come across a Soul Travel class being held at the University on Winnipeg.  I am conscious of reading the ad one minute, and my next conscious moment was me on the phone talking to someone about the Soul Travel class.  I have no memory of walking over to my desk and dialing the phone. (Talk about my spirit taking over!)  Anyway, I said I would go.  I then called a friend of mine (male, 6 ft, strong) to join me as I was scared to go alone.  It might be some kind of cult!!  lol  Turned out it was about soul travel, meditation, and an invitation to get people to join Eckankar.  I bought a few books from them, and read those.  BOOKS:  The ECK-Vidya, Ancient Science of Prophecy, and Soul Travel.  Never did join, although I went to one more information session they had.

Three Magic Words by U. S. Anderson

One of the real estate agents invited me for supper and to meet his lady.  Turns out this lady, Diane, would become a life long friend who was a catalyst for further spiritual growth.  She gave me a book called Three Magic Words by U.S. Anderson.  Diane had spent many years in Europe and was an astrologer and tarot card reader.  She was also a Nurse at a local hospital, and introduced me to Therapeutic Touch.  She had taken the training and was teaching other nurses at her hospital in the evenings, and invited me to come learn it also. There started my journey as a spiritual healer.

It was around this time that I was introduced to the topic to the “third eye”.  There was still no internet, and new age was unheard of.  So, I started reading books that would mention the third eye.  That took me deep into Buddhism and mysticism.  Many, many more books! This was the start of my journey into clairvoyance, although at the time I didn’t see it that way.  One of the most instrumental books of my spiritual journey was David St. Clair’s Lessons in Instant ESP.  In fact if I had to recommend only one book about all this spiritual stuff, this is the book I would recommend.  It is out of print, but used copies are available.  Psychic Healing, Psychometry, Astral Travel, Recession into Past Lives, Casting a “Spell” to Get Anything You Want, And A Whole New World of Psychic Powers.  Just the first concept he introduces called the “little man” will help you immensely in accessing all the knowledge and wisdom you have inside of you.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

At my next job, I met a lady called Eileen.  We became friends.  She went to see a clairvoyant reader on a regular basis.  I told her she was wasting her money!  That it was a rip off!  and so forth.  She just laughed at me.  She also started to nag me about going for a reading.  I refused, and refused, and refused.  She keep nagging me.  One day I had had enough of her bugging me to go, that I made a deal with her.  If I went for a reading, she would have to stop nagging me about all this spirit stuff.  She laughed and agreed.  She said, whatever you do, don’t be late.  You have 1/2 hr and if you come late it is eating into your time.  Also, bring a blank cassette tape, and make a list of questions to ask.  I phoned and booked an appointment just to get her off my back.

The day of the appointment, I forgot all about it.  In fact, I was so tired after work that I came home and fell asleep on my bed–just meant to close my eyes and rest at bit.  Suddenly, I was jolted out of my sleep with the thought that I had that appointment today and I had to leave NOW.  I was 1/2 asleep, disoriented, and found myself running downstairs, grabbing a cassette tape and my purse and running out the door.  Hopped in my car and started driving through rush hour traffic to get to the appointment.  I was 1/2 way there before I was awake and coherent!  I brushed my hair, and thought OK what did I need to do?  Oh yeah.  I have the cassette tape.  Where is the map, I need to figure out how to get there.  At red lights I checked my map.  Then I remembered I was supposed to ask a bunch of questions.

I got mad.  What the hell am I doing, I thought.  I don’t believe this stuff.  It is a waste of time, and now I need to figure out questions to ask.  I rummaged in my purse, found an envelope and wrote down a bunch of things to ask about.  Health.  Money.  Job.  Family.  The usual stuff.  I don’t remember the list but I think I had about 10 or 12 items on there.  In my mind, I had specific questions about each of the things I wrote down.

Driving over the Disraeli Bridge and coming out on the other side, there was a car of young guys in traffic next to me.  They were all laughing and talking, and when I looked over some of them started waving at me.  I waved back and then the traffic moved on.  I got to my appointment exactly on time.  The husband of the clairvoyant reader greeted me at the door with a “you are right on time” took the cassette tape from my hand and ushered me in.

I was in a smallish room with a single bed along one wall, and a desk and chair filling up the rest of the room.  There was a mature woman sitting behind the table with her eyes closed.  I sat down.  The husband put the cassette tape in, turned on the recorder and said “Reading for Angela (and date).  I had my payment in my hand which he noticed and he gestured to the little basket on the table and left the room.

This reading changed my life.  My friend Eileen laughed and laughed at me.  I didn’t care.  That woman talked about everything on my list, in the order that I wrote it down and I never asked a single question—didn’t even take the paper out of my purse!  She gave details and information that she could never have guessed at.  It was impossible.  She talked about things that no one else even knew about.  How was that possible?  She said my grandfather was there (he had died just the year before) and she communicated that my grandfather was in the car next to me on the way there and he described the incident with the young boys in the car!

I went home and listened to the tape with my envelope in hand.  I recognized that something profound had happened.  Either there was a whole world of information that I knew nothing about and everything I believed was wrong, or it was the biggest fluke possible.  And I didn’t believe it could be a fluke.  There were just too many “flukes” to be possible.  So I was faced with the fact that there was a whole bunch of stuff I knew nothing about.  I went back for another reading, and this time I asked questions.  Lots of them. My friend Eileen just laughed.

I ended up joining a Spiritualist Church of which the husband of the reader was a Minister.  I took spiritual development classes once a week, every week (except summer) for ten years.  I did my “homework”.  I meditated.  I studied.  I learned.  I became a healer.  I became a tea cup reader,  and then a clairvoyant reader.  I even had trance mediumship experiences. The hilarious part of this was that I did not want to be healer.  I did not want to become a clairvoyant reader.  I wanted to be a trance medium.  I wanted spirit to come in, take over and do its thing.  Of course I never got that!  Why?  Because by being a healer and clairvoyant, I had to take responsibility for my actions.  As a trance medium I didn’t have to take responsibility for what came out of my mouth.  And, my spiritual path required that I take responsibility for my actions.  And now that I have, I no longer want trance mediumship! I had the wrong motivation, so it never came to me.  Ah, my spirit is smart.

Eventually, I left the Spiritualist Church because my beliefs were expanding beyond their beliefs, and I felt like I was no longer growing.  I continued with my spiritual work.  I continued learning.  But, at one point I asked Spirit to bring me my next teacher.  That night I had a dream.  I dreamt that I entered a teepee.  There was a fellow sitting cross legged on one side, and a bunch of people (maybe a dozen) were sitting on the ground facing him.  When I looked at the fellow everyone was facing, he had his eyes open and I could tell that he was channeling spirit.  It was so clear that I can see it all now. I remembered it when I woke up, and knew that my teacher was out there somewhere, and it would come.

In the meantime, life was busy, and I was bringing in a fellow from Sedona, AZ to do a spiritual workshop in Winnipeg.  The phone rang constantly from the ads I put up and I was booking people into the various events he would be doing while in Winnipeg.  One phone call came from lady named Joan who I met later.  But at the time, she called she asked:  “Are you the one bringing in that spiritual teacher for that workshop?”  I said, “Yes I am.”  She said, “Have you ever heard of the Crimson Circle?”  I said, “No.”  She said, “Well, write it down.  Crimson Circle dot com.”  I said, “OK.”  She said, “No, you need to write it down.”  I said, “I’ll remember it.  Crimson Circle dot com.”  She said, “No, you need to write it down before I hang up.”  I thought, this woman is a loon.  So I said, “OK, I’m getting a pen, hang on, I’m writing it down.  Crimson Circle dot com.”  I had no pen in hand and no paper to write on.  I was humouring her.  I think she knew.  She said, “OK.  Make sure you visit it.” and then hung up.  I got off the phone and laughed.

Life was busy preparing for all the events surrounding the workshop for the Sedona fellow, and later, at odd moments I would get “Crimson Circle dot com” popping into my head.  I would chuckle, and carry on.  It kept happening over and over.  Crimson Circle dot com.  Finally one day, I said out loud, “OK already, I’ll go look at Crimson Circle dot com.”  I’m looking over the website, and I see a picture of Geoffrey Hoppe, and that is the guy from my dream!  Holy crap!  I read the channel by Tobias.  What he is talking about and describing is EXACTLY what I am experiencing in my spiritual life.  The channels are free and they do a new channel every month.  I started waiting for the channels.  They always described what I had been experiencing over the past month, and put those nebulous spiritual experiences I was having into concrete terms that I could understand.  It was amazing. I had my new spiritual teacher.

Over the years I have followed all of their work, attended workshops and conferences, and still find the material relevant today.  But, I have never been one for just one source of information.  I follow the Kryon material, and Steve Rother and Group mostly, and have recently added Jim Self to that elite group.  There are others that I check out periodically, but these are the main sources of my spiritual inspiration.  I still read a lot, but more is online now than in books.

Somewhere in there, I became a Minister.  With my life long spiritual pursuits, it just seemed to be a natural fit.  I took classes, learned, was tested and there I am.  I mostly did it because of the spiritual counseling that I do.  I wanted that designation as a credential.

My spiritual pursuits took me to The Sanctuary in Winnipeg where I led meditations, did spiritual counseling, and taught spiritual classes for a time.  I then branched out to teach in other places and expanded my repetoire of classes.  I continue to take courses and learn.

We are living in an amazing time, and I am so glad I am here for the journey!


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