February 21, 2018

Van Life 4: Powering Up My Van for Daily Living

Well, the debate has raged in my head for weeks, and I finally thought to myself that the only reason I don’t have a decision is because I am lacking information!  So I read numerous articles about different camper van systems and have come up with what is very obvious to me right now.

If I want to be off grid, or somewhere stationary living from my van, I need solar power.  That is not my intent.

I intend to drive daily since I will be going to specific places.  So I don’t really need solar power.  I also want stealth, and solar panels are a giveaway.

I will set up a system where my van will charge my “house batteries” while I am driving.  To do this, I need to protect my van battery.  So I will install a solenoid (sometimes called a relay) between my van and my house batteries, and an inverter to convert the battery power to something I can use. The system will only energize and charge the house batteries when the ignition is turned on and the engine is running.  When the engine is turned off, the solenoid will disconnect the charge line, isolating the house batteries.

I will then run a power bar from the system to my van living area.  Because only 1 or 2 things are usually plugged in and used at the same time, there should not be excessive drain on the house batteries.  All my appliances and gadgets will be standard house plug style.

Depending upon the air conditioner I choose, I might need a special hook up for that.  For ease, I will look for a standard Air Conditioning unit that can just plug in.  The van is not that big that it needs a big system.

For all the brilliant details, check out this link.

Bring Your Van Camper To Life: How To Add Batteries And A Solenoid To Your Stealth RV by Curtis CarperBuilds, Van Living



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